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Wayseers Manifesto – What Do You Think?

March 25th, 2011

I thought I had seen every kind of  way to promote spiritually-based change, until someone on Facebook posted this video. I could critique it, but I figured it would be more interesting to see what others feel about it. Does this turn you off or turn you on? An unusual element in the mix is the engagement with problems such as addiction. Do you find this a manic scrambling of issues or a stirring call to individual and social change?

49 Responses to “Wayseers Manifesto – What Do You Think?”

  1. I think there is truth in this video. Never was one to follow the rest of the herd. Change is needed now.

  2. I saw this earlier in the week. Having mixed emotions on it I set it aside. some of it resonates as deeply true and other parts of it contradict that truth–ib my humble opinon. there s also beauty in it.

  3. I don’t know what it is, but to me it speaks as an outcry of great anger and fear; and perhaps the hope that true anarchy could still save the world.

    • No, it’s not about anarchy, it’s about fairness and how we are controlled as slaves to the economic system that’s designed to make the rich richer, there should be anger and fear about that ,but we are too dumbed down to see it or have a desire to make the change.

      • Even in many one-to-one relationships there is ( a lot of) abuse of power.
        So what can you expect from co-operations of large groups of people?
        It is with the deepest regret that I must come to this conclusion; and you may call me a cynic..

  4. What’s the matter with some folks that they have to shout to get their message across? “We’re al the same”, he shouts. No, we’re not. We’re all individual human beings, and therefore all different. It feels to me that this person is rather lonely and angry. Perhaps HE needs to find his way home?

  5. I’m very sorry, but I just didn’t like it at all. When I got past the whole angry anarchist feel of it, it felt very cult-like… like another Scientology.

    I actually find it quite frightening. I may need to go hug a tree now 😉

    • If there are any trees left to hug, if the system remains as it is, but the Earth Mother will finish us off first if any more raping and pillaging of her resources continues. I’m sure you’ll agree at Her awesome power. Yes, the film is scary but things are so bad here on Earth now that something needs to wake people up. Blessed Be and long way we keep hugging, Mother Earth appreciates it.

  6. i like revolutions…but the older i get an may be more experienced, i believe that the best way to change is to change our personal life. in connection to nature and with moments of stillness.

  7. I liked it very much:-) it is truth of course, but it demands balance and grounding and eventually will have to lead to being in the eye of the tornado or go mad.

  8. I liked it in general, and I wonder about some of what we’re told is “truth.” For example, with addictions, I think in general our society wants everyone to conform to a certain way of life. When certain people can’t conform easily, they become addicts. I differ from some in that I think the addiction itself isn’t the problem; the problem is what the addiction is masking. If you can uncover that and somehow give it balanced expression, the addiction is gone. Unfortunately, most societies don’t allow for that.

    • “I think the addiction itself isn’t the problem; the problem is what the addiction is masking. If you can uncover that and somehow give it balanced expression, the addiction is gone.”

      I’ve felt like that was the case but couldn’t of phrased it nearly as well. I completely agree.

  9. Overall, nicely done, quite abit of truth there…some can handle it, but the majority (the masses) won’t, or do not want to, as they simply want to be lead & taken care of, with no time , ambition, or desire to affect change for the betterment of all. This attitude, certain powers that be, count on, in order to stay on top.
    It is great to see that so many have viewed it on youtube.

  10. I loved it, mostly, the way I loved the “gotta hoop” video and the “free hugs” video. They speak to an individual who is in touch with their greatest gift, and that is their individual spark that makes them very unique and special. Especially in todays world. He is absolutely right. Society wants the lock step mentally, the herd mode of behavior. Those who are different than that, call them lone wolfs, free birds, a horse of a different color, whatever, it/that, is often pointed to as odd or scary. Yet that, that vision, is just the kind of vision and energy that is needed to “see” and “allow” for the great change that will take place anyway. There is a reason why “those other” are here. Autistic, ADD, and yes, addictive types. To me it rings true. At the same time, I feel that you have to wake yourself up, it’s mostly a solitary process, yet I can allow for the fact that not everyone is like that. And, I can recognize the value of the power of a focused group. I love solitary meditation and I also love group meditation, each has it’s own power. Group maybe even more so. As in all things, it’s kind of a dicotomy. . . Overall, the clip is a big thumbs up! Loved it!

  11. I had to give myself a little time before I wrote. The very first time I watched this a couple weeks back I shut it off. It had a vibe of cultism with a touch of “snake oil salesman”. Although I agree with the “message” that all people have gifts, the anarchy tone was off-putting, as well as the fact that the speaker was photographed in a “cool and attractive” way. These types of things (making something appear cool and attractive to appeal to young people) just puts me off in general. However, when you posted about this with your question I thought I’d better take a look at it again. Nope. There is something predatory about it. So I’m of the thought that it is not a rally for social (or individual) change, but rather a plea from someone who is lost, attempting rally some followers. The pulse of truth just isn’t there.

  12. My first reaction to this was ‘What are they selling?’, ‘What do they want?’ and sure enough when I google the website at the end it appears they are selling a book. The video is very seductive isn’t it? It presses all the right buttons to make people feel pumped up and motivated for something … what? What is it that they want people to do, I wonder? Like anything powerful there are elements of truth in the video – truth about the human spirit, its strength and tenacity. But what turns me off this video in a big way is the implied assumption that it is everyone’s right to do exactly what they want – to behave in whatever way they want (believe me, I’ve spoken with the parents of some ADHD / Autistic children and they were at the end of their teather with the behaviour of their children – violence against their parents and siblings, kicking down doors when deprived of their Xbox etc) It also seems to imply that taking drugs of any sort is absolutely OK as it is just the grey suits who want to stop them from breaking out of the ‘norm’. Fine, but what about the psychosis that taking drugs like super-strength hash brings with it? I am deeply suspicious of the motives of the makers of this video. As Druids, we know that ‘the way’ is not about consumption, about buying books and/or taking drugs or joining a movement (cult?) it is about being and listening and connecting with ourselves and others (both human and non-human) in a gentle and thoughtful manner.

  13. I don’t like the bit about “the way” because it can be too easily used to beat people over the head, metaphorically(eg”you’re not following the way!”). But I absolutely agree and applaud him for pointing out that addiction is the result of underused creativity and spirituality. Absolutely. And for pointing out the toxicity of labeling everyone who doesn’t modulate their social expression in a way convenient to corporate America/Europe bipolar or ADD or something.

    • I see what your saying..

      I think he used “the way” to prevent focusing on God or any other being.. as that would put-off those who either believe in other gods, or no god at all.

  14. I was the one who posted it on Face Book recently, well at least on my page. I don’t know if it was on any other Face Book page. I don’t like to way the guy in the video has to shout, but the message he is giving out about how we are controlled is true. I also agree that people will fiercely try to uphold this control as they are afraid. After all most humans are slaves to the economic system. Corruption occurs because people are too afraid to speak out. There is a saying that goes something like: The only way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing about it. This is actually true. The use of the film clips from the Matrix illustrates symbolically how life is, it’s an illusion that we think we are in control but we are not really, not while we remain slaves to the economic system and democracy is only a concept because in reality to we get a vote, but we are powerless after that, politicians and world leaders just do as they please. There are enough resources for everyone on the planet, but the unequal distribution of income and wealth causes suffering while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The mega rich just get rich off our backs and down-press most of humanity in the name of greed. We must find a new way forward to create a fairer planet. I think the guy in the video is probably shouting out against apathy, so we must wake up and see the unfairness in the world and how we are numbed and dumbed down to doing anything about it. Though I am a druid simply paying our respects at Stonehenge and loving nature isn’t going to create a fairer society. Unless mass action is taken on this planet to stop corporations raping and pillaging our Earth Mother we won’t have any nature left to honour. Sad, but true.

    • Your commentary is right on, many people are afraid of the change. Many of the comments on this blog are from folks unsettled about the anarchy tone of the video. A controlled environment feels safe, this message is instilled on people through the world via public schools.

      • Yes, the people act like sheep, Icke calls them Sheeple, good use of the word. Yet, people can’t be blamed if they know no other way except to follow the crowd as it feels safer. Not many people are willing to risk all (such as speaking out against corruption) I have done it and paid the price, but I needed to do that as a soul lesson and I was blessed whilst doing it for I believe that good always overpowers bad in the end and those who are brave enough to expose wrongdoing will be sustained through spirit. It is true what you say about people in public school, but I think in other schools too there is a hidden curriculum that’s about control. Thanks for your positive comment regarding my post. Love and light and Blessed Be.

  15. I just watched it open mindedly and then after the video critiqued what I could think of and then made my opinion.

    It is very individualistic in its approach, making the viewer feel unique and part of an exclusive group, but then invites whom ever is watching to be a part its tribe. So no matter who watches is invited making no one as unique as it portrays. This alone makes me suspicious.

    It has way too much of a conspiracy vibe for my liking. Sure, corporations do a lot of wrong, mostly because of so many individuals being involved that the buck tends to be passed. Governments are much the same but with an added fact that they rely so much on funding to be successful and much of that money comes from corporations which adds to the effect and are obviously biased when it comes to making or changing policies.

    The points that are valid are nothing new under the sun, just repackaged to look more impressive. Doing good things and opening your mind to opportunities etc. only requires dedicated people.

    “The Way” reminds me of “The Secret” it seems like a trend now that I think of it. I could go on, but I think this alone makes my point. Don’t stop thinking critically of everything you encounter. If something sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

  16. Yup, just as good as when I first saw it back in 1969.

    OK, Let’s all go back and re-read “The Dharma Bums” and start over again, shall we?

    Rock on!

  17. This video had moments of fun, but there is something missing. Is it the feminine? Is it the Tao which can not be spoken of? Is it a moment of silence? It’s too close to ads for sneakers, or juice bars, or coke to carry much more than another shock to the system. Except….and here’s where it gets interesting. It suggests that we can do something to create the change we know must take place.

  18. with two grown sons, I watched this video and loved it. When my impulsive, adhd son watched it, he felt inspired, vindicated and held hope he didnt have before. Ok, its a bit blustery, that’s untapped passion finally getting to express itself. OK, it dares to declare “you have found your tribe” knowing people would label it as a cult. Tune into Garett and his heart is full of joy. He does want to create a vast network of creative minds, sure they are going to sell things and yes its going to look like hype, especially to minds unable to get past that and see what is being created and offered.

    My other son, wizard that he is, unique and brilliant was a bit put off. He has always functioned well within the system, while maintaining his spirit and individuality, and he’s wide awake. he wonders why they “the wayseers” get all the credit for being the chosen ones. like back in highschool, the misfits got the special classroom, full of rad equipment and went kayaking to far places, when the thriving kids didnt even get recognition.

    Still, i love the sylvestor Stallone part and its releasing shame in a lot of people, and for that, in itself, its an act of service and love.

  19. There are great truths in this video, and undercurrents of sales pitch and elitism that bother me.

    I agree that many of the mental health issues we see in our society are either caused by or greatly exacerbated by social structures which have no place for mystics, people with adhd, etc. At least one study has strongly implied that instances of adhd increase massively amongst African tribespeople who relocate to towns and experience a radical shift in lifestyle: adhd on the savannah = effective defensive warriors; adhd in a classrom or factory = a serious problem for the individual, the family, and the culture.

    The message that addiction masks deeper issues around the need to connect, of sensitivity to pain and distress, of thwarted creativity and self-trust also rings very true to me.

    I also strongly agree that our culture’s structures are anti-human. Corporate bigwigs, politicians, and the ultra-rich may not be evil geniuses who consciously mastermind our lives; the effects of how power structures operate, though, certainly are inimical to creativity and egalitarian networks of co-operation. And there’s growing evidence that top-down hierarchy is profoundly unhealthy for humans – every psychological test of reactions to unfairness and inequality shows an in-built disgust and revulsion warring with culturally encoded messages of conformity to “hard reality”.

    I’d even agree that the majority of people are either unconscious of much of this, or made so uncomfy by the implications of it that they avoid it. Any concept so derided as “love and peace, man” must be powerful, or we wouldn’t put so much energy into insisting on how unrealistic it is. We’re afraid of it because it is radically different to the way we’ve been trained, and because underneath it all, it feels true.

    My belief is that when we’re in alignment with the Universe, when we have cut through the inappropriate and unhealthy fears and blocks that get in the way of being our Selves, we are creative and brilliant and feel fantastic. It doesn’t mean we are constantly blissed out; rather that we are working from a natural rhythm, a stable core, that allows us to distinguish between the situation and the drama, the emotion and the baggage, the whim and the true Calling. I think we’ve all had those moments of flow, and wished we felt like that all the time. Maybe there never was a time when humans all lived in the flow; we certainly could do with living in it more than we do right now, though,

    There’s a sort of undercurrent to the video and site, though, that I find off-putting. There’s a sense that it’s about seeing a group of people as more equal than others which I can’t put my finger on.

    The ‘Donate’ buttons all over the place, the cult-y vibe… Maybe it’s just that the guy is really over-excited and determined to get his vision out there, to the extent that he’s blurred the line between enthusiasm and hard sell. I just… there’s something that bothers me, even though the message is ultimately great.

    I’m reminded of some of the anarchists of my acquaintance who care passionately care about equality, truth, justice, and freedom – and whose fundamental contempt for others repulses me, and shows me that they don’t have that stable core yet, that they haven’t yet worked out that true equality and truth and justice and peace and freedom can’t be embodied by people who believe other people are disposable. Sadly, they’re the anarchists who get most media play because the grown up anarchists are way too scary to deal with..!

    • Karen, a wonderful response, yes, it is all true what he says, but some of it can make one feel uneasy, the donate buttons and all, very cult like. However, he is tackling pressing issues and we are still slaves to the economic system and many worship at the alter of consumerism. Humankind needs to operate from the heart chakra not consumerism and greed, I’m sure you’ll agree. B.B.


  21. I loved it! It is poetry to me and speaks to the positive energy that ends up manifested in addictions, etc. He isn’t saying addiction is ok, but to know the person is ok and longing for spiritual connectedness. I loved it!

  22. watched it again,love it, not so with the website. noticed that the membership has gone up six bucks a month, guess the resources cant be found anywhere else. just like watching the movie Avatar, i take what touches me, notice my irks and triggers and enjoy the passionate response that it rouses in me.

    Still what an act of creation Garett manifested and i trust that good and healing is taken place amongst the hype. As a Canadian, I see it as in your face, over the top manipulate ones emotions, pure American style. However, in the past i disdained that, now I revel in its audacity and life force and laugh back, not blow over or wilt.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Shame about the membership fee though, seems suspicious, but that aside it’s a good message showing how it is.

  23. Fantastic video, I agree with much of what is said, it draws me in does what I think it it is intended to do and that is to push as many psychological buttons as possible within a target population.

    I won’t be signing up or buying the book. I suspect that theWayseers are another means of making money using the idea of a universal energy that transcends belief systems, to reach a maximum target audiance and you’ll have to pay to be a part of this self defined elite tribe.

    I know nothing of them other than this video and website however, and if people can find inspiration and comfort from it or even find the motivation to have a sit in at Fortnum and Masons for example, then I hope it can be positive. As long as it’s not costing people money they have not got and as long as people within the group are not discouraged from questioning motivations or beliefs and it does not try to make you a clone, in your own beliefs or thoughts.

    Thought: would I be considered within the movement as a non wayseer as someone who is constrained by social programming, not one of the 10% for having made the above comments? The answer to that question would answer a number of questions for me about this as a movement.

  24. I have joined the Wayseers. The most critical thing about it is to understand from whence it comes. Garret LoPorto is best know for the Davinci Method of dealing with ADHD and ADD. He, himself, has ADD. His stance is that instead of labelling these people, along with those we call bi-polar and Aspergian, we need to accept them as part of the scope of human potential and let them be who they are meant to be, instead of trying to make them “normal”. If they can be valued and assisted in putting their creativity and energy into positive things, how different their lives can be! If we stop and look around, we find that a great many of the inventors, entrepeneurs and movers and shakers have ADD or ADHD. I agree with his view point. As the mother of a son with Aspergers i am more interested in seeing him develop his potential than conform. I love his different, and searingly honest, take on the world. This is what is behind Wayseers – and what it’s all about – assisting those who have been pushed to the fringe of society find their place, be supported and be helped.

  25. Something occurred to me about the term “ADD”–what the people who invented the term ADD and glued the label to others are actually upset about may not be that you aren’t paying attention, but rather that you aren’t paying attention to what THEY think you should be paying attention to.

    As to the membership fee & book cost, I probably spend that much each year on pizza. I do give the author props for offering financial assistance to those who feel they can’t afford to pay. That alone is pretty unique.

    Tonight’s the first time I’ve run across this video & organization. Of the sites I’ve checked out critiquing it, I do give the posters here kudos for their reasoned, non-hysterical response to it.

  26. I like it… to me it is one gateway to a greater world, among many others… yet since it is largely a response to the world as it is currently perceived, once that gateway is crossed, one needs to move on to other things, or may come to be fixed in reactionary ideals that may not serve one’s calling – choosing to stay at the gate to help others through or something, which tends to happen with a lot of similar ‘ways’, as they develop a following… after time the entropy sets in, and people end up edifying, proselytizing and then calcifying again into some other human cultural dynamic. We are all human after all. It’s all part of the Way.

  27. …I also think this video casts a bit of a net over a number of mixed issues, seemingly want to draw all the ‘wayseers’ together or something.

    • For sure, but then the way the system currently is should disturb you greatly, should it not?

  28. I’ve looked into this a little and it feels to me like a slick con man using actual truth. Many of the wayseers ideas resonate deeply with me, yet the whole thing feels like some kind of guru cult. The video is really awful.
    This ‘organisation’ seems to comprise of one guy (and his missus, who doesn’t seem to get her photo up anywhere). Ego central.
    The forums seem to have many nice, kind hearted people on them, it’s great place to discuss your particular emotional or mental problems with others who have had similar experiences. But calling it ‘The Way’ is a bit too religious-y for my personal taste.

  29. just saw a bit of a talk by Steve Jobs, the wayseers manifesto has taken the exact words, many of the photos from it. Still, I examine why I think there is something wrong with doing that.

  30. It affected me emotionally, the lonely- crazy-not-understood part…my abandoned part. From it came pain, and a hope that an energetic solution, a frantic solution would be a great release…Distroy the goddamn pain and fear of pain. BUt I don’t se how selling T-shirts and stirring publicity alone could do that.
    I am suspicious that it is just using people’s vulnerabilities to get more publicity to one person, the “star”…This I don’t like, feels like just another way of brainwashing people taking advantage of their weakness, or rather, their natural longing for belonging. 🙂

    Nice presentation though.

  31. I’ve tried to watch it several times and honestly aside from the catchy tune here and there, it got ‘right on my wick’.

    How dare he suggest that because I won’t give ‘the cost of one Starbuck’s coffee a week’ I’m less worthy or creative or intelligent than those who do.

    Folks who are free thinkers don’t need this kind of rhetorical, deliver nothing, nonsense.

    Folks who aren’t so good at free thinking need something that’s gentler, more understanding and way less arrogant.

    Frankly, to me it looks like a cynical scam.

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