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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Tea with a Druid and Yewtube

Most Mondays, at 8pm UK time, I do a live broadcast for 20-30 minutes on Youtube and Facebook, called Tea with A Druid. Sometimes I’m with a guest, or a guest presents the session. The format is simple: a chat for ten minutes or so, followed by a meditation. Someone has kindly gathered, and illustrated, all the meditations together so you can go straight to these. There are now over 260 of them. Click here to go to: The Yewtube Outdoor Woodland Cinema!

Singer, Shaman, Sage

Here is a workshop I gave with the beautiful singing accompaniment of Caitlin Matthews for The Shamanic Lands Conference in London in 2016. In this workshop I use the idea that within us we each have a ‘Singer’, or Creative Person, a ‘Shaman’ or Healer, and a Sage – our inner Wise Self.

Psychology & Magical Living

I had a good talk with psychotherapist Paul Leslie yesterday for his Youtube channel ‘Expanding Perceptions’. It’s up now and Paul writes:  In this interview, renowned author, psychologist and Druid, Philip Carr-Gomm, discusses his work in blending information from psychology with insights from spirituality. He discusses the need for people to have a sense of connection with others and with nature, and how simple tasks can be used to start one on a path of living a magical life. Philip Carr-Gomm is an author in the fields of psychology and Druidry, a psychotherapist, and one of the leaders and former head of “The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.” For more information on his online courses, go here.

Transcending the Old Religions

Philip Carr-Gomm, leading Druid, author and psychologist, asks why many people now don’t want to be restricted by an allegiance to one religion, and yet are still searching for a meaningful spiritual life. If we are inspired by the Buddha and the Sufi mystics, and yet are also drawn to the beauty of Celtic spirituality, for example, are we just New Age dilettantes who are not disciplined enough to follow one path, or are we responding to a new call: towards a deeper way that transcends the artificial divisions of creed and dogma and frees the spirit? Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers (Glastonbury Symposium), July 2009


This video has been created by Glenn Conroy as tribute to all attendees of the Southern Hemisphere OBOD Assembly 2018. It was a most remarkable event and will live on in our hearts and minds forever. The song “AMAZING” came about as a result of a workshop in which we explored our Bardic being through story, poetry and song. Random thoughts, words and phrases were written on slips of paper and tossed into the magic hat. What emerged, line for line, and with minimal editing is what you hear.

When Spirituality Meets Psychology & What on Earth is Going On?

In this interview with Nikki Luna and Theo van Dort, Philip talks about the fertile ground  where spiritual teachings and psychology meet, the value of practicing Druidry in this critical era, and the crisis humanity and all of Nature are currently facing.

The Eco-Crisis: What Shall We Do?

Philip Carr-Gomm talks about the current eco-crisis, offers a Druid perspective, and how we can respond to it. Organizations mentioned: Pagan Earth Alliance: Plant 10 trees for $10: Extinction Rebellion: The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids Eco-Campaign:

A Brief Overview of Druidry Across the Centuries

An excerpt from a workshop I gave at the 42 Acres centre in Shoreditch in London in the summer of 2018 giving a quick overview of Druidry’s story.

The Secret School of the Grail

Imagine a man who loves astrology, numerology, and sacred art – who is fascinated by the Druids and Arthurian lore – but who is also a Catholic priest, Abbé Henri Gillard. Because of his esoteric interests, every sermon of Gillard is vetted by the bishop, and to keep him quiet, he is sent to minister to an obscure village on the edge of an ancient forest in Brittany. What does he do? With the help of inherited money, he sets about transforming the dilapidated village church into a chapel dedicated to the Holy Grail. He wants to create a place that acts as a sort of ‘secret school’ – a place of pilgrimage in which the language of symbolism can be learned, and where the worlds of art and religion can meet; where intellectual exploration can combine with an appreciation of beauty and a mystical experience of the Otherworld.
In this illustrated talk Philip Carr-Gomm explores the Grail Church built by Henri Gillard, and looks at why the Grail has come to have so much resonance for us in the modern age.

Tea with a Druid

Every Monday evening at 8pm UK time I talk live on the OBOD Facebook Page for about twenty minutes. Join me there for meditation and a conversation about the questions that matter. Or watch later on Youtube here. Here is a sample of what they are like. These sessions, with guests who sometimes host the session, are conversations and explorations on what it means to be a human being in the world today. We ask: how can we best integrate spiritual practices with the demands of everyday living? How should we relate to the often turbulent and upsetting world we find ourselves in? Are there ways we can learn to express more of our potential, to lead a less stressful life, to access deeper and higher states of awareness?

A Tree Alchemy Interview

In this series, TreeGirl interviews a variety of tree people around the world in tree-centric conversation–from science to spirituality–about how Trees are the true alchemists, transforming the Earth and humankind. In this first episode, TreeGirl ventured to England to meet with Philip Carr-Gomm–prolific author and Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids–where they talked not only about trees, but also druidry, nudity, rewilding, and sleep.

The Magic of Druidry: A Talk in Reykjavík Iceland

In September 2017 I gave a talk at the Theosophical centre in Iceland’s capital.

SACRED PLACES: Workshop at the Leyhunters Moot 2014

A film of a talk and workshop I gave at The Seekers Trust, Addington Park, in Kent. In it I offer a method for voyaging to sacred places in the imaginal world.

Le Druidisme – Un Appel à la Créativité

A film of a talk I gave at The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids Gathering at Beltane in Burgundy, France, May 2017. The Breton harpist and Druid Myrdhin sings and plays at the beginning and end. The talk is in French.


Here’s a clip, made in February 2017 about a method for improving psychological and physical wellbeing called Sophrology. After watching, you might want to find out more here.

Connecting with the Plant World

Here’s a clip from an interview I gave to the Animystics team in preparation for their conference in Dublin in May 2016

Plant Consciousness

An interview with Davyd Farrell for the Plant Consciousness conference 2014

Pagans and Pilgrims

Philip talking with Welsh poet Ifor ap Glyn, at Knowlton in Dorset. From the BBC series ‘Pagans & Pilgrims’ based on the book by Nick Mayhew Smith.


In June 2014 we held a big celebration to mark the Golden Anniversary of the founding of The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids. 400 people from 19 countries gathered in Glastonbury for four days of rituals, talks, and Eisteddfod.

The Ivy Club, London

In March 2013, talking at London’s Ivy Club on Easter Sunday, for their monthly SundayWise event, I try to explode the myths surrounding Druidry to reveal instead a spirituality ideally suited to a world in search of hope and meaning while facing ecological disaster.

Interview with the Finance Editor of the Economist

In 2009 the Finance editor of the Economist, Henry Tricks, popped into Lewes to film for a documentary on alternative economics. He ended up on our sofa and he and I chatted about Druidry, hippies, the 1930s, and economics.


A short documentary by Matt Fryer on the ‘lost art of the spoken word.’  2013.

Anti-fracking Protest

In August 2013 along with many others I joined the protest outside the drilling site at Balcombe in West Sussex.

Order’s Mount Haemus Lectures 2004

The opening of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids Mount Haemus Lectures in Appleton Hall, Oxfordshire in September 2004 with Penny Billington.

Druids in New Zealand

A clip from TV3 featuring parts of the Autumn Equinox ceremony at New Zealand’s ‘Stonehenge Aotearoa’


A Holistic Channel interview with Philip Carr-Gomm, writer and psychologist. He trained with the founder of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, Ross Nichols.

The Druid Path

Filmed Summer 2008 for Holistic TV’s forthcoming documentary on the Druids.