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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey


The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids – Join an incredible worldwide community of fellow spiritual seekers interested in following Druidry as a nature spirituality that honours the Earth, her seasons, and all her creatures. A guided programme of personal and spiritual development through three ‘schools’ – of the Bard, Ovate and Druid. Avalable in six languages – English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese. More details. 

Sophrology Training – Courses in sophrology, which means literally, ‘The Study or Science of Harmonious Consciousness’. A fusion of techniques drawn from modern western neuroscience and psychology with methods used by the ancient wisdom traditions of the east, sophrology uses visualization, simple postures and physical movement, combined with attention to breathing and awareness, to deeply relax the body and mind, while also introducing a sense of vitality and stimulating the cognitive functions, such as memory, imagination and concentration. Inspired by Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Neuroscience and Phenomenology, it offers a path of self-development as well as specific methods for improving the quality of life. It offers great tools for mindfulness meditation teachers, coaches, psychotherapists and healing practitioners to enhance and develop their practice. More details.

The Sleep Clinic – A guided programme to help you sleep better, whether you find it hard to go to sleep, feel you don’t sleep deeply or long enough, or have trouble getting back to sleep when you wake in the night. Drawing on the latest findings in Neuroscience, combined with exercises from Sophrology and Yoga Nidra, Each session includes a short film, ideas and techniques to help, and one or more audio tracks you can download. More details.

Lessons in Magic – An online course in how to use magical principles to achieve your goals and to enhance your life and creativity. A graduate of the course writes: “This is one of the best experiences! Taking this course is a fantastic way to meet magic in your life and really learn how you can achieve your dreams. With all the information given in the lessons and videos, and all the meditations and exercises, you begin to find a strength and power within that little by little you learn to use and apply in order to be who you want to be, and achieve your goals. It’s more than just a course in Magic – it is a lovely and extremely effective teaching I will carry with me throughout my whole life!” Prof. Melissa Boëchat, Brazil . More details.

Transformation Through Tarot – In this nine lesson course, Tarot teachers Philip Carr-Gomm and Steve Hounsome show you how you can use this ancient system for self-transformation, working with the Major Arcana as archetypes to enrich the soul, with the Court Cards as keys to developing the personality, and with the pip cards of the Minor Arcana offering insights into the ways our souls and personalities can work together and express themselves in the world. Also included in the course is a special two-part learning experience with Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, creators of The Druidcraft Tarot. In two classes, Philip and Stephanie take you through ‘Integrative Tarot Training’ – a way of working with the Tarot that is quick and easy to learn. And they’ll show you a way to ‘drill down’ to gain insights into really difficult issues to gain clarity and healing. As well as all this, you can ask questions about your work with the course at any time, and the course fee also includes membership of The Private Magicians’ Club – a wonderful online resource for the spiritual seeker and Tarot enthusiast. In the warm and friendly atmosphere of the club, Philip, Steve, and guests host live online sessions of meditation, exploration and discussion. More details.

The Garden of Flowing in Perpetual Happiness – Coming Home to Ourselves
A Spiritual Retreat at Home – a simple idea: a free programme of 12 long deep meditations, with inspiring poetry, music and spiritual teachings  – to help you find rest, healing, inspiration, hope and insight, even in difficult times. More details.


The Seven Valleys – An online programme plus book that works with an ancient Sufi story, adapted to a modern form. This can be used for psycho-spiritual development, and is also used in sophrology as a way of preparation for a peaceful transition at the end of life. More details.