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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Time for some Transgressive Art

December 20th, 2007

Blog as art gallery: a friend has just sent this video “Out of the Flock” from the ‘transgressive artist duo’ MELLISH-MABO:

4 Responses to “Time for some Transgressive Art”

  1. That’s what I love about this whole blogging thing. Essentially, it’s sharing. Ok, so some want to share their scams with us, and others want us to add our share to their profits, but there are others who are really genuinely interested in open hearted sharing.

    I have an interest in studying Eastern and Western boxing methods, or perhaps I should say ‘physical combative expression’ :), and there are so many out there who are willing to share in word and video their boxing methods, warts and all. This is done in disregard of the criticism and verbal abuse that often follows such showcases. Great stuff, yeah to blogging and to the destruction of pedestals! 🙂

  2. Right on Charlie and Michael!

    One man’s art is another man’s um…poisson!

    And yes Michael blogging helps to ensure any pedestal someone might be building is made of sand. With every post helping to wash it away or pile more sand up (!) I don’t know how you get those smileys onto your comments BTW!

  3. Yes, Pedestals of sand. Sounds like there’s some poetry trapped inside it too. 😀 Nice one.

    If these smileys have work they simply done the old fashion keyboard way! 🙂

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