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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

There’s always so much work to do – or is there?

October 14th, 2019

There’s always work to do on yourself and in the world – ways to improve, to heal, to change. But one of the gifts a spiritual approach to life can give us is the recognition, and hopefully the experience, that at the deepest level, all is well – you are ok – there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, because you’ve already arrived. When this idea works for us, there can be a fantastic sense of relief: the constant striving for improvement and transformation ceases for a while. It’s like sensing all your muscles relaxing deeply when you didn’t even know you were that tense. After bathing in that ‘Heaven Within’, at some time you switch to feeling that something needs ameliorating: the state of the world, the state of your emotions, or perhaps just the state of your hair. Whatever it is, your focus changes and here we go again: our life of moving and thinking and doing in the world. This is normal. The art of learning how to live well, as far as I see it, is to encourage that sense of sinking down into a state of okayness, of ‘good-enoughness’, of not needing to get something, whether an idea, a feeling or an object, and to do this as often as feels helpful to us. This is the value of meditation because it can get us to that state of awareness.

2 Responses to “There’s always so much work to do – or is there?”

  1. Greetings Philip. Lovely meditation. I still listen to the OBOD meditation CDs at times too. Prior to the OBOD studies, I created Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions on CD with some similar relaxation techniques, and agree that a “Balance” of ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ is very important. “I’m OK You’re Ok” was one of the books I read along the way to becoming a Therapist. That brought back nice memories….

    Perhaps the idea of striving/focusing on Doing and Being Our (Own) Best, rather than Needing to Be “THE” Best (over All others), is a helpful way of allowing & developing the desire to do Well, without having to experience the pitfalls of “Perfectionism” & Competition with others.

    In therapy work, I have found the concept/idea of the “Master Craftsperson,” helpful. The person accepts Each Step along the way, to be “good enough & perfect for that stage,” while continuing to improve one’s skills, knowledge, etc. Loving ourselves “as we are” is difficult for many, but is most valuable to achieve, on the road to wholeness. There are methods that can help create that for ourselves.

    Being able to accept/acknowledge others’ positive feedback about work/achievements may be difficult for some. Perhaps it may be easier Not to discard or negate them, if we simply accept others’ comments with an open heart, as “Gifts.” Maybe we can simply see their perceptions as valuable & something to consider. It may open our eyes & minds to the true value of Our work. Of course, Loving & accepting ourselves As We Are, is the key.

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