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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

The World Speaks…

December 17th, 2016
Casey Mitchell

Casey Mitchell


It was all the clods at once become
precious; it was the barn, and the shed,
and the windmill, my hands, the crack
Arlie made in the axe handle: oh, let me stay
here humbly, forgotten, to rejoice in it all;
let the sun casually rise and set.
If I have not found the right place,
teach me, for, somewhere inside, the clods are
vaulted mansions, lines through the barn sing
for the saints forever, the shed and windmill
rear so glorious the sun shudders like a gong.

Now I know why people worship, carry around
magic emblems, wake up talking dreams
they teach to their children: the world speaks.
The world speaks everything to us.
It is our only friend.

~ William Stafford

2 Responses to “The World Speaks…”

  1. That is an unmistakably Nebraskan landscape in the opening photograph, the one captured by Casey Mitchell. Although I live in a small city, I am surrounded by land that looks just like that, and this land is both the place that I am from and the place that I am of, the place where my family has been settled for six generations on my mother’s side and for five generations on my father’s.

    There are not a particularly large number of trees in Nebraska, perhaps, but the skies, oh the skies…

    I genuinely appreciate the many wonderful things that you post on your blog, Philip. This particular image has brought a tremendous amount of cheer to my morning. And oddly enough, I was not even familiar with this photographer’s work until I saw his picture here this morning, and I thought to myself “That looks exactly like home!” Sure enough…

    I love it when life surprises me that way.

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