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“The Light” An exhibition of Polina Gerdjikova’s work

March 18th, 2017

Polina Gerdjikova with her paintings ‘The Phoenix’ and ‘A Stone over a Stone’

Polina Gerdjikova with her painting ‘The Sephardic Way’








I was at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute’s gallery in Queen’s Gate, London, yesterday, for the opening of Polina Gerdjikova’s exhibition – ‘The Light: Eternal Symbols’.

Polina had read one of my books in Bulgarian years ago, and we had corresponded via this blog – but now I could meet the artist in person and see a wide selection of her work. Polina is brimming with energy (and light in fact) and is an avid student of metaphysics – and so every painting is deeply symbolic. She manages to infuse her paintings both with dynamism and a sense of underlying unity and structure – note her use of sacred geometry in the pictures above.

I hope the exhibition is a great success. If you are in London do go and see it, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute has a warm and spacious gallery, well situated, down a small flight of steps on the corner of the building. If I was an oligarch I would have simply bought all of Polina’s work!

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