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Black Elk

The Druid Network’s Gift

May 7th, 2020

‘Mighty oaks from tiny saplings grow!’

A huge thank you to The Druid Network for funding the planting of 32 trees in our Golden Anniversary Grove in Scotland – one tree for each of the years I have led OBOD. In a month’s time I’m handing over that role to Eimear Burke, and we’ll organize an online event to mark that, with a big celebration in Glastonbury next June!

Thanks again to the good folk of The Duid Network!

One Response to “The Druid Network’s Gift”

  1. What a wonderful & appropriate Gift for Gaia, in Your (well deserved) Honor. I am Grateful for all you have done (& continue to do) for OBOD & the Planet. Hopefully you’ll still be there for The Private Magician’s Club, Tea With a Druid, Tarot classes, etc. I finally finished the Bonus-Integrative Tarot Section, with You & Stephanie. Loved it! Thank you Both 🙂

    It’s strange to imagine you Not being Chief of the Order; June seems to have come up so soon. And at the same time, I trust & respect your choice of the lovely & capable Eimear Burke, as our new Chosen Chief (& will support her with an open heart). I’ll be awaiting details about the online event. The Glastonbury event next year would be Divine. With deep Gratitude, Love & Blessings, Brigitara /|\

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