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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Talks & Workshops in October

July 29th, 2015

houdini-pictureI’m giving some talks and workshops on both sides of the Pond in October. They are all in rather nostalgic settings.

In London, I’m giving a talk on a Friday evening, 9 October, and then a day workshop the next day at the College of Psychic Studies. You can find details here. I don’t think I’ll use the ‘Spirit trumpet’ shown in use here at a séance – examples can been seen at the College – but you never know!

Then in the US, on 17-18 October, I’m giving a two day workshop on ‘Druid Magic & Healing’ in the wonderfully atmospheric village of East Aurora in Upstate New York. This was where the spiritual writer and Arts & Crafts entrepreneur Elbert Hubbard started a ‘New Age’ community whose buildings can still be visited. The workshop is almost full, but you can find details on it here. And do have a look at this clip about Hubbard and East Aurora. It’s near the spiritualist village of Lily Dale too, which we’ll be visiting, so rather fittingly as we move towards Samhain, Stephanie and I will be in two places in the UK & USA associated with communication with the Otherworld.

2 Responses to “Talks & Workshops in October”

  1. I’d love to hear you speak at The College of Psychic Studies. There’s a beautiful atmosphere. & I haven’t heard you before. I love your book (with RH) of English Magic, and also art, nature, Hermeticism and psychological astrology fascinate me. Do you think I’d learn something new? Perhaps Druidry’s a missing link between everything.

    • Hi Verity – without being familiar with your store of knowledge I couldn’t say if you’ll learn anything new, but I’d hope so! Druidry does link a lot of things together!

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