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The Strange Relationship Between Memory and Truth

December 12th, 2014

There is a quote from Stephen Covey that advises, ‘Live out of your imagination not your history’. The following Ted Talk by Judith Claybourne explores this idea further. My thanks to Barry Winbolt at Single Session Therapy  for posting this:

One Response to “The Strange Relationship Between Memory and Truth”

  1. Reminds me of the saying: My future can be my past and my past my future.
    Alice Miller wrote extensively of the trauma inflicted subconsciously by parents on their children, because of the grandparents’ subconscious programming of the parent in their childhood. Her son recently wrote of his experience of being beaten by her Polish-Catholic husband (his father) whilst she was unable to see or prevent the abuse. The depth of programming can overwhelm the most insightful self work, and yet this work is the only way to prepare future generations to make it easier to ‘drop my cloak from my naked truth’ and own freedom. A boon I wish for my children and my childrens’ children, and so it is.

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