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Stonehenge found on Mars? NASA announcement on Mars due today

September 28th, 2015

Apparently NASA is due to make a major announcement about their discoveries on Mars today. Perhaps they will reveal more about the ‘Stonehenge’ found on Mars seen on this video:

3 Responses to “Stonehenge found on Mars? NASA announcement on Mars due today”

  1. Well I heard on the radio this a.m. that ’tis WATER they’ve found – so maybe all those earlier tales of ‘canals’ are true and they’ve got a whole waterways system going up there – locks, bridges tunnels etc. and maybe even a pub or two alongside the towpath? “In your dreams” saith he!

  2. The ancient occult knowledge has always said that humans came from somewhere else. I listened to a scientist on the radio today say just that! This is truly amazing. Finally, science has caught up with our Elders.

  3. Probably an ice lens/dome that’s pushed larger stones up through the ground over thousands of years of freeze-thaw action. You find similar structures in periglacial conditions on earth.

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