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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

‘Some People Talk to Animals. Not Many Listen. That’s The Problem…’

March 30th, 2017

The more clearly we can focus our attentions on the wonders and realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for destruction. ~ Rachel Carson

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen. That’s the problem. ~ Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

5 Responses to “‘Some People Talk to Animals. Not Many Listen. That’s The Problem…’”

  1. How monotonous our speaking becomes when we speak only to ourselves! And how insulting to the other beings-to foraging black bears and twisted old cypress- that no longer sense us talking to them, but only about them, as though they were not present in our world. Small wonder that rivers and forests no longer compel our focus or our fierce devotion. For we talk about such entities only behind their backs, as though they were not participant in our lives. Yet if we no longer call out to the moon slipping between the clouds, or whisper to the slider setting the silken struts if her web, well, then the numerous powers of this world will no longer address us- and if they still try, we will not likely hear them. David Abrams

  2. It has been my experience that when we really learn to listen to the non-human world, to see it from the huge to the tiny, to sniff and touch and taste the other, we begin to find our human-shaped problems are not so terrible. For the rest of the world has information for us that allows us to find perspective, to relax our grip on what must be done, on what is urgent, and remember our beingness. This is one of the lessons that I’m being re-taught by Druidry. To pay attention to all that communicates so eloquently with us – wind and water, glimpse of rabbit, slow munching stare of cow, blade of grass between the pavement and the wall.

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