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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Sisters by RoMa Johnson

January 27th, 2016

On the Order’s website we have a section for material on the creative meeting of Druidry with different faiths and practices. You can find it here. In it there are articles on Druidry and the Dharmic Traditions, Druidry & Wicca, Druidry & Naturism, and Druidry & Christianity. We begin that last section with a beautiful poem – ‘Jesus & Merlin’, by RoMa Johnson, followed by a note from the novelist Barbara Erskine, who writes about how her study of Druidry deepened her appreciation of Christianity. Now RoMa has sent in another poem, ‘Sisters’, following the same theme as her earlier poem. We have added it to the page and you can find it here. Here is how it begins, to whet your appetite:


What if they were to meet
In the cloistered garden, there on Iona,
What would they say to one another?
+    I am the Bride of Christ.
I am the bride of no man.
+    I clothe myself in humility and walk in silence.
I paint my naked body and scream into the wind.
+    I do good works.
I carry a wee knife.
+    I spend most precious hours here among the sacred texts.
I read the ogham of trees, the placement of stars, the auguries of birds.

Read the full poem here.

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