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Save the Bees

April 27th, 2012

I received this email from Avaaz this morning. Do please sign this if you can. These petitions really do work, as we found out in England when the government scrapped its plans to sell of our forests when so many people petitioned.

Dear friends,

Pesticides are killing bees and threatening our food supply. In 24 hours, shareholders at the biggest chemical producer, Bayer, could vote to stop their toxic production. Massive public pressure has forced this debate at their Annual General Meeting, now let’s make sure they vote to stop the pesticides and save the bees. Sign the emergency petition:

Quietly, globally, billions of bees are dying, threatening our crops and food. But if Bayer stops selling one group of pesticides, we could save bees from extinction.

Four European countries have begun banning these poisons, and some bee populations are already recovering. But Bayer, the largest producer of neonicotinoids, has lobbied hard to keep them on the market. Now, massive global pressure from Avaaz and others has forced them to consider the facts — and in 24 hours, Bayer shareholders will vote on a motion that could stop these toxic chemicals. Let’s all act now and shame the shareholders to stop killing bees.

The pressure is working, and this is our best chance to save the bees. Sign the urgent petition and send this to everyone — let’s reach half a million signers and deliver it directly to shareholders tomorrow in Germany!

10 Responses to “Save the Bees”

  1. Thanks for passing on such crucial information. There is a movie just in the process of being released I believe. It’s called Vanishing of the Bees – Everybody needs to be aware of what is happening, let’s all get behind people who are proactive in raising the general public’s awareness and make positive and lasting changes to our world.

  2. I’ve had top bar all-natural hives for four years, and this week I captured my first swarm. (Let’s have a round of applause for a twenty foot ladder). Bees don’t need drugs. Bees have all the knowledge they need to reproduce, eat, harvest, store and share, and thrive, sans chemicals. Sign any petition that speaks to this fact.

  3. Whenever I see dead bees in our garden, I feel such a sense of loss – they are an absolutely indispensable part of our ecosystem, and we desperately need to look after and protect them, rather than exposing them to more and more chemicals and pollutants.

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