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Ross Nichols on Film

July 4th, 2013

NUINNPYRAMID copyThe Glastonbury Festival is just over, and on the BBC they recently showed Julian Temple’s documentary called simply Glastonbury which draws on extensive archive footage to tell its story.

Towards the start of the programme I suddenly saw a glimpse of my old Druid teacher Nuinn (Ross Nichols) celebrating Beltane on the Tor. I have never seen any moving footage of him, and 38 years after his death to see this was very touching.

I’ve posted it up in the section of our website dedicated to his life, and I’ll post it here too (NB it is literally a glimpse!):

4 Responses to “Ross Nichols on Film”

  1. I wondered whether you saw this Philip, Nuin and the members looking traditional and classy, a wonderful clip! Could the young boy be yourself per chance?

  2. Well Tom Shakespeare may benefit in watching this and gain insight in what has been going on at Summer Solstice at this festival, not merely huddling wannabees in the rain, but wondering, exploring, expressed conditions of humaness in this society of want, more and less. What a journey of wildness and wisdom, choice and inspiration with great auspicious Awen – wow the elemental Green Healing fields of recent years look amazing. All in sight of the Spirit of the Tor.

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