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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Ritual: a Turn-off or a Turn-on?

November 11th, 2019

5 Responses to “Ritual: a Turn-off or a Turn-on?”

  1. Thank you for this session. I have been exploring the leading of my heart toward entering a formal program of education in druidry. I believe that is where my spirit is being called, but it has been the self-awareness that ritual has always been a challenge for me. You’ve made me think of it in a little different light and I appreciate that. More discernment is needed, but this is helpful.

  2. Thank you so much for this! As I’ve gotten older, I too am drawing away from the formal ritual, and prefer the more impromptu, simplistic, and in the moment experiences. (Ritual *is* a distraction to me.) My experience at Samhain in 1999, when I was too ill to even move, led me to realize that the most profound spiritual experiences are the ones that come from the heart, and when you follow you’re spirit’s lead.

  3. Greetings Philip. Great Topic. One thing I’ve enjoyed about OBOD ceremony, is that generally they seem to be simpler, (yet more profound and meaningful) than some rituals I’ve experienced at other events. I’ve always preferred very simple ceremonies.

    Some I’ve attended Outside the OBOD, have been so complicated, that they ended up being more for “Theatrics” & Drama than heartfelt purpose. The focus sometimes seemed to be on the group leader & the “set up,” rather than basic, profound purpose. Some seemed to be rushed or scattered, in order to fit everything in, and lacked depth and intent, (yet required days, weeks, or more to prepare).

    I enjoy simple Bardic, Ovate & Druid aspects of ceremony. I find one valuable purpose of ritual, to be the “Fusion” of Mind & Spirit (or Quantum Self) With the Body; bringing all three aspects as One, and then unified with the Universe(s) in the here & now. I also find simple seasonal ceremonies to be helpful. And group ceremonies can create community and focus for many purposes, including planetary healing.

    The “Light Body” exercise has come to be a daily ritual for me, and I often do a very simple, short “Blessings of the 4 Directions” & (Faery & Deva Realms) regularly. Many years ago, I often used incense, candles, & other tools. Nowadays I keep it very simple, (sometimes using my crystals, wands, & staff), as I work in the “Quantum Field,” with Beings & energies from many dimensions & realities.

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