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Black Elk

Pru Poretta

August 21st, 2009

Scientific research demands that I continue my investigation into the reasons for the most frequently viewed post on this blog, ‘Saluting Pru Poretta aka Lady Godiva’. I had assumed it was Lady Godiva who was the attraction, but a test post recently has proved a failure. It must be that thousands of people are interested not in the naked protester of legend, but in the living legend Ms Poretta. In a few weeks, the stats will show whether this is correct. If not, the only alternative is unthinkable: that saluting is somehow of interest to many people.

3 Responses to “Pru Poretta”

  1. Ah the mysteries of WordPress clicking…At my blog there is a burning interest in Madame Mim of Walt Disney fame, though there were only one or two posts about her among 236! The mind boggles…:-)

  2. WP doesn’t seem to show me the most historically popular posts any more, just for the last week; but when it did, the one that was consistently the most visited was about the Bryn Mawr Lantern Night hymn to Athena, followed by one on the purpose and utility of myth. It is interesting what people pick up on.

  3. Hi Philip,

    I am quite amazed by finding my name and some information about me as Lady Godiva on your web blog.Thank you for your kind comments.Strange to read about yourself,by someone you have never met or heard of.
    I’ve only just found out now, through an email that mentioned your name, so I have just googled you
    and found this page.You are very interesting.
    If you would like some photos of our resent Dame Goodeyvers Daye -Godiva Sisters event I could send you some.Anniversary to Lady Godiva 10th September 1067 the only real date we haveof her.

    Enjoyed reading no news is good news, I was only thinking about cancelling our daily paper today!
    Hope to keep in touch,hope your special time out was wonderful for you and you are refreshed and energised
    all good wishes and blessings

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