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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Only Connect

June 5th, 2011

After almost a month away it feels good to be back in Sussex. Many thanks to Maria for running the blog while I’ve been away, and to our guest writers who have kindly contributed posts!

In looking through the photos I took while away it seemed to me that this was the best one to symbolize the feeling of the time away. This picture is of a section of the ceiling in the crypt of Chartres cathedral. For years they had assumed the whitewashed ceiling held no secrets, until one day they discovered this beneath the whitewash and plaster. How symbolic! If we find the time to look more deeply, we discover the sun, moon and stars – and the hand with ogham like ciphers around it, emerges from a web. What was it E.M.Forster famously said? ‘Only connect.’

A section of the ceiling in the crypt at Chartres, which is directly above an ancient well, said to be revered by the Druids.

4 Responses to “Only Connect”

  1. What’s old is new again? Or what’s new is old again? Whatever.. Druids wrote, “We were here” on the wall.

  2. Hi Philip, what an amazing image, it looks like the Col Ogham(hazel)9 magic hazel tree’s hang over the well of wisdom, and the nuts fall into the well and are eaten by the salmon of wisdom.
    You say this image is directly over the ancient well in Chartres. Amazing!
    could the hand have anything to do with the hand Ogham? And how do you see the web with the hand coming out of it? kind regards, Rowan Duir.

  3. How beautiful! The stars remind me of the ones that are on the Egyptian Goddess Nut’s body, the sun and moon contained within her. Such a wonderful thought to think that this beautiful image lay hidden…spiritual practice – staying open – is definately the process of removing the white wash, We can paint over the magic, can’t we, and lose that connection? A comforting thought to think that it is always there to be rediscovered, even if we can’t see it…

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