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Black Elk

OBOD’s 50th – A book and a film!

May 5th, 2015

CoverImageI couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it. A 136 page full-colour large format book with every page buzzing with creativity and singing with Awen! Sharon Zak, an OBOD member, talented artist and founder of Slippery Jack Press, and Maria Ede-Weaving, who helps me with my email, blog, and FB, had got together to produce this, and I only saw it at the final stage as a pdf.

They asked members for contributions around the theme of what it means to be a Druid, and what it means to be an OBOD Druid, and the resulting contributions in essays, accounts, poems, artwork and stories is just stunning!

Kevin Redpath has been making films for us for the last five years, and so we had a thought – let’s combine his latest 25 minute documentary on the Order’s Golden Anniversary celebrations in Glastonbury with his two other films and a slide show of photos on a DVD, and put this in a cardboard sleeve on the inside cover of the book. And so hey presto, here it is – a Celebration of Fifty years of OBOD available to order now from the OBOD store here.

One Response to “OBOD’s 50th – A book and a film!”

  1. Wish I could afford it, looks lovely, especially as I rather stupidly missed the Golden Anniversary celebrations in Glastonbury last year…..

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