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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way


June 19th, 2016

Steven-Pressfield_Nobody-Wants-To-Read-Your-Shit_1024x1024I’m in love. This time with a man called Steven Pressfield. Well not with him, but with what he writes and the way he writes it. I’d never heard of him until a few days ago, when I received by email the offer of a free book called Nobody Wants to Read You Sh*t, subtitled Why That Is and What You Can Do About It. I downloaded it because of its outrageous title and because I write, and I was hooked straight away – reading the book in two sittings. It starts off in that direct American style that we uptight British either love or hate (or usually both simultaneously) shooting straight from the hip, not afraid to use swear words. Its for anyone who wants to express their creativity, particularly writers. And although it begins tough and in-your-face, by the end Pressfield is soaring. The third part of the book is about the source of inspiration and creativity that he believes is in the other dimension – its the elixir of Awen from the Goddess that Druids are so familiar with. So if you’re into this Druid stuff you’ll find Pressfield covering familiar territory – he’s talking about the Muse, and it’s fabulous.

If you’re struggling with starting anything, facing creative blocks, or are just intrigued by creativity and how it works, his non-fiction is for you. (He writes novels too – that’s how he started).

The free book comes with no strings attached. No email to sign up to, no pitch at the end of the book. But what a great way to get your ideas out. I immediately ordered his The War of Art, which is superb on creativity, our blocks to it, and the importance of the Muse –  I read this in a few sittings, and now I’m on to his Do the Work.

Click here to go to his website to get the book and I’ll paste in an interview below. Notice how well he explains Blake’s idea of eternity being in love with the creations of time (about 17 mins in).


  1. Excellent stuff, I really enjoyed the interview. I’ve downloaded the free book and will read it later. There seems to be a lot of similarity with A-H LOA stuff, which I like very much 🙂

  2. I am sitting here attempting to fill this new electric stapler nail gun with staples. It’s not working and I am not making sense of the instructions. Grrrrrrr. All in an attempt at stapling canvas to a frame to paint on. I have been struggling with many different aspects of the process. It’s been going on for awhile.
    I know it is resistance. And resistance is hard. I know I have to do it. Because once I get through the resistance I will be doing what I love and what I need to do. And I find many diversions on the path.
    He’s is right on the money with this I have been thinking and seeing within myself these very things
    If my soul cannot sing I get tied up inside and it is not good. The more I do not do what my soul wants and needs me to do, things do no go so well.
    At the same time this holographic universe I/we are living in unfolds before me and it’s all very strange (as in there is no one else out there and it’s just you in the universe and everything is life reflecting back at you.)
    Well, it’s back to the staple gun.
    Thanks for being on my holo deck. ; )

  3. Update. I’ve mastered the new super duper staple gun and the staples. The canvas is primed and ready to roll. Things went really smoothly, with effort of course but well. I feel I was at an intersection at the right time and the right place. Also there’s something about a wand and clicking your heels three times . . .

  4. Oh, Steven Pressfield – yes. Hooked on him two years ago with his n/f trilogy starting with “The War of Art – break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles”. Now, I normally balk at warrior images but he gives a fresh and rationale take. He’s a gem and his advice kicks ass. (How’s that for a little American directness?) It’s nice to know he’s touched some fellow druids,

  5. Have been looking for the link for the free download, but can’t seem to find it. Could you tell me whereabouts on his website I might find it? Thanks Philip! 🙂

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