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Life After Life

January 8th, 2014

Do you ever feel that you have lived before? Perhaps you have vivid memories of other lives? You are not alone. A large percentage of the earth’s population expresses a belief in Reincarnation. Both believers and non-believers have¬†intriguing experiences that point to a possibility that the circle of life is actually a spiral. A fascinating aspect of this subject is when small children claim to remember a previous life in vivid detail, sometimes even recalling their own death. Here is a interesting short film that explores this and the search to find if such memories can be traced to real people and events.

7 Responses to “Life After Life”

  1. This is something that interests quite a bit.
    Over the past few years (since I was about 16) I’ve been able to “recall” strange things – mainly images and certain feelings – which it seems can only be traced to the ancient and/or medieval periods of Europe. To some it may seem like I just remember these things from movies or something like that, but to me it’s much different. These memories carry with them the same atmospheric clarity and even strong nostalgia that I can only ascribe to real-life events such as memories from my childhood. The only true difference is that they are a little bit more difficult to access.
    Such experiences can be hard to put into words, but what I can say is that these past life regressions have had a huge effect on my world view. To me, Reincarnation seems to be a likely part of that whole “what life is” question, and a beautiful one at that.

  2. I have long felt what you describe in this post. It is, in fact, the subject of a novel that I am publishing February 1 titled SPIRAL. I am always struck anew by the synchronicity of things in this marvelous universe we call home. The inter-connectiveness of our lives is astounding. My best wishes to you and your readers.
    writing as Judith Schara in the forthcoming novel, SPIRAL: a historical time travel spanning 2,500 years
    Two women:A clairvoyant Druid seer and an archeologist of Celtic History
    bound together forever across time – February 2014

  3. Fascinating! I have had “memories” from past lives, although sadly nothing approaching this level of clarity. I have to my knowledge been previously incarnated as a famous person, either, so that would make corroboration very difficult, especially given that the lives I’ve remembered glimpses of were centuries ago. I have maintained a feeling of needing to distance myself from prima facie acceptance of these “memories” because of the lack of details that could be corroborated. I suppose I shall continue to remain agnostic, but this is most provocative!

  4. Yes , I believe this. My son spoke sanscrit words to me at the age between 1 and 2. I never heard sanscrit , but I intrinsically knew: this is sanscrit, and one week later I went to an abishekam (hindu, singing and praying gathering) where I was presented to a doctor professor in Indology and he translated the sanskrit words my son talked about,when he was pointed out who and what I was in this world. After my son corrected me in the sanskrit Bhajans we sang before putting him to bed, he knew the exact songs and words, and if I forgot one he corrected me on it. At 5 years old , he told me , he had been looking for me a very long time, to find me back as his mum, for he wanted me to be his mum again, he looked from the clouds he said , I had been his mum for many times before,and he had to look hard to find me again. And he added, that for the next life he would again choose me as his mum , but then he would choose a perfectly healthy body, so I would not have so much work (he has cystic fibrosis).
    I my self had clear memories about egyptian and indian lives, and when I visited the temples in egypt , I knew perfectly the places I remembered… So I believe in reincarnation. I also had OBE , wide awake, visiting (flying more likely) all different places in the world where rituals took place where knowledge was shared by the elders, knowlegde I never heard of before and that was accurate. Philip,Thank you for posting this.

  5. Thank you for bringing to a light a fascinating topic that many would like to know more about but are sometimes hesitant to seek out. For many of us, past lives are not only interesting but also help inform our present lives. And if we are experiencing difficulties and discerning patterns of behavior not explainable in this lifetime, we can search our past through past life regression for assistance. Sometimes this yields profound discoveries and breakthroughs. So it was for me. I hope this therapy will gain an even wider acceptance and therefore enable more people to find the help they need. Bright and beautiful blessings to all.

  6. Not so much past life experiences but you may wish to check out the book by Eben Alexander that documents his experiences when a very rare type of bacterial meningitis severely attacked his brain cerebal cortex for seven days and stopped all brain function. Eben Alexander, by the way, is a neurosurgeon.

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