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and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Lewes to Build First Community-Owned Solar Power Station

April 6th, 2011
Harveys brewery as seen from the Cliffe Bridge...

The best beer in England is brewed here - at Harvey's in Lewes

I’m really proud of our town, Lewes in East Sussex, which is going to build Britain’s first community-owned solar power station, to be installed this summer.

The plan is to put 544 solar panels on the roof of Harveys Brewery warehouse, which will generate 98 kilowatts peak, roughly 92,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity a year.

The total cost of the installation is £307,000 and Ovesco is seeking investment in shares from £250 to £20,000. We now have over a third of the money pledged. If we are able to raise the full amount through investment, the projected return on investment is 4%, after two years. We also expect to be able to start paying back capital to investors after two years. Any surplus money will be carried forward to the next project.

If you would like to make a pledge to invest, please fill in the form on the website, or call 0800 458 9045.

One Response to “Lewes to Build First Community-Owned Solar Power Station”

  1. This is fantastic, and so inspiring. Changing the worlds relationship to energy from the inside-out. If the big-guys won’t make the needed changes let’s do it ourselves. It has never occurred to me that a town could do this. So glad to have been enlightened.

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