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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Kate Bush & her Shivaism, Dionysian and Druid Philosophy

November 6th, 2014

Killing Joke band member and record producer Youth reviews Kate Bush’s recent live concert:

KateBushComicReliefOpening with Lily was a clue …This song lyrically is an explicit magical ceremony, a literal invocation/initiation, in the style of the Rosicurician Orders, à la the Golden Dawn school of the western magical tradition. “Gabriel is before me, Raphael behind me ….. In the circle of fire”.

This is key to understanding Kate. She has her own cult, her own mystery school tradition. Her unique strand of Shivaism, Dionysian and Druid philosophy, loosely wrapped up in a song and dance tradition. It’s part magical realism, overt nature spirituality and art house ….( Hard to pull off in cynical, post modern narcissistic Britain)

She not only pulled that rabbit out of that hat but also managed to convert each and every one of us to her own personal church of the big sky….a church whose priests are owls, ravens, trees and clouds.
When asked once who her favourite singers were, she replied “Nightingale, Blackbird and Thrush” There is a barrenness in religions today, whether in Christianity, Islam or false prophet new age gurus, humanity is rudderless, bedazzled by materialism. Kate’s communion with nature is the antidote, it is a call to joy, a celebration of the sublime ….it’s about the intoxication of love and the ecstasy that follows… is where wisdom lies, hidden deep within its mystical and poetic roots.

Kate’s “Religion” is the tiny spark of light that defeats the dark forces that seek dominion over the natural world, it’s tooth and claw and blood on the floor …She exemplifies English pagan beauty. A dark timelessness and stillness surrounds her wild abandonment, whilst her voice charges at you like Boudicca returned, riding a golden chariot of weird melody, harmony and bitter dissonance.

Shape shifting her artistry, she played with archetypes. She can access our primordial memory, when we were fish and birds. Her voice, a vehicle for multiple characters. She invokes the triple goddess. Athena, virginal, sensual innocence. Aphrodite, loaded with sexual power or Nimue, motherly, nurturing and “oh so tender ” and finally the Hag, Raven seer.Hecate, Queen of the witches, the dark half of the moon. Terrifying Kali the Crone or Macha in a frenzy, unleashing the furies upon us. All this choreographed into one ritualised, magical, shock and awe vision of an imagined future, all in one performance…..Very elemental, light and shade, earth and fire.

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6 Responses to “Kate Bush & her Shivaism, Dionysian and Druid Philosophy”

  1. Hi Philip.
    Hope ur well after Lewes bonfire !
    I remember Kate from when I was 12/13/14 years old
    She lived Close by and used to see her now
    and then.
    She was the same ethereal goddes at 12
    As she is now

  2. Hi Philip, I’ve alwaysed loved Kate. The original Cerridwen of the stage weaving her magic, spellbinding her audience. I wish she’d do more folk as a while ago I acquired a copy of a cd Common Ground(voices of modern irish music) and was surprised to find a track called Mna na h-eireanne, sang by Kate on it. It was like drinking liquid gold mead and has now become one of my favourite tracks by her. I’m glad she’s still going strong, she’s a modern national treasure.

  3. I agree except when you say she exemplifies ” English pagan beauty ” her mother is Irish so there is a degree of Celtic blood flowing in her veins.
    One last thing,did Kate actually say she is pagan and belongs to the branch you mention or is it just part of her recent shows?…..just interested to know
    Thank you

  4. Was so sad not to be able to go to the gigs! This review emphasises the incredibly emotional responses of other gig-goers. Fantastic to see how loved KB is and how many people seem to ‘get’ what she does.

  5. I was fascinated by the Shaivite element (which, along with Druidry) is a significant part of my own belief system. I have always thought Kate Bush was brilliant both musically and spiritually and so was fascinated by this article. Thank you.

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