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those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Joe Bonamassa – Great blues!

August 27th, 2016

Just discovered his music. Is this up your street or does it drive you past your street and round the bend?

15 Responses to “Joe Bonamassa – Great blues!”

  1. Always love his work – have you heard him play with Beth Hart? If you get a chance, listen to their version of I’d Rather Go Blind – it’s epic.

  2. Thanks for giving us the option Philip! Very professionally produced. His soloing is virtuosic and he has a powerful singing voice. It’s a fairly long way from blues I would say, especially with standard pop devices like the harmonised hook chorus. But certainly worth listening to.

    If you detect a slight reservation beneath my comments it’s that I feel sad about the wholesale takeover of the indigenous musics of the world by America. A small but significant example: the only traditional music shop in Lewes is dedicated to American Country, when the music of these islands is much better.

    • Ah yes Dirk – a good point. That’s a challenge of these times I guess – the tension between universality and locality – the need to think and act like ‘citizens of the world’, one humanity on one Earth, and to honour particularity and place. Perhaps we can go for both? Traditional and mixed forms?

    • Dirk, There are many great white Blues artists in the world that are not from America. It just happens that America produces more available music that any other country. And when all said and done “The Blues” started life in America in the Mississippi delta. Bonamassa singing Muddy Waters songs is a joy to behold. His live album recorded at Red Rocks is worth checking out and features Muddy Waters talking about his early life.

  3. Love Bonamassa. Agree his work with Beth Hart is fab. My favourite albums are Black Rock & Sloe Gin but I’ve not bought a bad one of his yet. Saw him last year. No frills just phenomenal.

  4. In my view probably the best guitarist of his generation. Live he is superb. He is very prolific and I echo the comment re Beth Hart and Id Rather Go Blind especially. For me ‘Sloe Gin’ is about the best of ‘Jo Bo’ as he’s known, but there’s so much that is good.

  5. Love the blues and JB is up there with the best. In April I was in Clarkesdale for the Juke joint festival, met and hear some great musicians, check out Christone Ingram / Kingfish a young man of great talent, and Justin Johnson who can with a piece of wood and a guitar string

  6. I’m a Folk/Bluegrass/Celtic musican fan, but even I love Joe Bonamassa! I think his voice is like slightly dirty motor oil!

  7. Yes, wonderful Blues voice – our wee highland home reverberates with the magic of Joe and his vintage guitars on many a summer’s evening!

  8. Oh yeah! This is right up my street, over the hills, and way way beyond! Truly awesome guitarist! 😊

  9. Also, a powerful storyteller……..used to perform one of his songs a few years ago; it was as if I’d gone through the whole scene myself and left my heart on the floor too by the time the musicians had finished. I felt wreaked! Until, I moved onto the next song! 🙂

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