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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Immrama: a Soul Voyage to Start the Year

January 5th, 2021


I am the map you strive so hard to read.

I am the staff conveniently found

near the dangerous crossing.

I am your boots and

the dust on your boots.

I am the high breeze bringing

ice air from the mountain.

I am the castle keep of your destination.


I am the coracle upon the fearsome wave.

I am the dragon rising from the deep.

I am the petrel wheeling.

I am your tiny knife,

your one drop left of sweetwater

against a terrible thirst.

I am your sextant

as I am your star.


I am the dawn in this unfamiliar place.

I am the glory paths you see

from sun through clouds to streets below.

I am the coming rain.

I am the night without dreams

in a strange bed.



when you return to tell your story,

all your tales shall be of me.


Even in your loneliness and fear,

even as you stop to wipe your brow,

I preen in all my dangerous beauty

before your eyes.

You are my adventure

Through Myself.

RoMa Johnson

7 Responses to “Immrama: a Soul Voyage to Start the Year”

  1. I attended this live and it was hands down one of my favorite guided meditations ever. Absolutely wonderful! Roma is so magical, like a a Faery godmother! ✨

  2. Thank you for your beautiful poem – it is so encouraging during difficult times.

  3. Roma, THANK YOU For a beautiful meditation and inspiring and thought provoking poem! Every conscious moment is a journey, an adventure, But some adventures are so daunting as to discourage, or even result in psychological injury; Depression or PTSD, for some. My hope for all is that we can all keep moving forward through whatever comes, without stalling out in depression or exhaustion, with a consciously nurtured spirit of adventure; actively striving to learn from what we are going through, rising to meet the challenges as we adventure through this part of our lives, or even in some cases, “going with the flow” as necessary to survive.

    Your podcast today, a gift of meditation and poem, are for me a “staff found near a dangerous crossing”; strengthening me and reinforcing my sense of quest, with a Beautiful reminder that keeping hope alive is never a wasted effort, And that we can still ( and must) relish the adventurous journey of life through even very dark and thorny territory.
    Sending love, and may the Great Mother of all life of this Shining living World nurture instruct and protect you always!

    • Thank you for the lovely note. I have always found this story to be a comfort. Bessed be. RoMa

  4. Thank you, RoMa, for that lovely journey to the Isle of the Birds. My gift was a polished, stone heart. Corazone. Heart. Courage. A gift very fitting for me as I have just been put on isolation with Covid. I know this gift of courage will be a big help…I also have the time to write a story about this journey, so that is also a blessing. Be well, friend.

  5. Thank you so much RoMa, for this wonderfull meditation and the so beautiful poem. My gift was a pen, just a tiny pen, and it reminds me that writing can be a marvellous healing for me and for the world and help me navigating in difficult or incertain Times. As a bard this year, I remembered the power and magic of words, and my boat for 2021 will definitly be full of beautiful, healing and luminous words. I wish you the best for 2021. Many many blessings ! Sandrine from France

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