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Healing is a Journey

December 8th, 2015

‘In 2005, a Lakota/Dakota/Nakota spiritual leader, Jim Miller had a dream of a Spiritual Journey by horse, returning home to Mankato, Minnesota. This spiritual journey has become an annual Sacred Ceremony to carry the message of Reconciliation and Healing through love and forgiveness as Jim Miller received in his dream.

Jim Miller had dreamed about the 38 Dakota warriors that were hanged on the 26th December 1862 in Mankato, Minnesota. In his dream of the mass execution, he saw the men with their arms outstretched and interlinked, and this powerful vision of unity in the midst of tragedy had a profound impact on him and became the catalyst for the 330 mile annual memorial ride that takes place every year on the anniversary of the hangings.

The ride has a GoFundMe page where you can find more information about the journey and help fund it should you feel called. I include here a trailer of the 2007 film ‘Dakota 38+2’ that documents the 2007 journey and the history that led to this moving event.


4 Responses to “Healing is a Journey”

  1. Dear Philip
    As disturbing and painful to watch … there is a great
    Strength and comfort in this clipp,what speaks with that clarity and strength
    is the dream
    Of those souls reaching out and holding the hand of his brother
    This we must do

  2. Solidarity amongst tragedy is extremely important, especially for the native americans when many of their reservations are riddled with poverty and addiction. There are some very conflicting deep seated emotions with the subject of the native americans. This is certainly true for american druids, where on one hand celtic tribalism was striped away not unlike the native americans and on the other hand, being a european american that ones ancestors could have been either involved or agreed with such activities. Whatever emotion that is, it burdens the heart.

  3. Good to see you putting info out on this. I am English (OBOD) my late husband was Dakota and since 2008 I have been running the Dakota 38 + 2 memorial Ride Supporters group on Facebook. The Ride started small but now is known worldwide. One Rider comes from South Africa and is at present on her way to the start point at Lower Brule in South Dakota with 2 other riders. If anyone is interested in keeping up with the ride or has questions please come join us on FB. Thanks, Bright Blessings, Mitakuye Oyasin

  4. How shameful for any human being to give the order to execute anyone, we have no right to take a life. I am shocked to find Abraham Lincoln gave such an order.
    What courage for the Native Americans to use this as a HEALING experience instead of a hating experience.
    Many Blessing to the riders and to the Brothers that suffered at the hands of murderers.

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