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Hate Amazon? Love Amazon?

August 19th, 2016

Amazon is really good to work with as an author – responsive, helpful, and far more generous than traditional publishers. The books are ‘printed on demand’ so this is environmentally leaner, whereas trad publishers produce stock that they then warehouse. BUT I know many people don’t like their almost-monopoly, and I’m glad that my new book is also available through other channels. You can buy The Prophecies as an ebook in Nook (Barnes & Noble) ibook (Apple) and Kobo versions – or from the independent supplier Smashwords.

They all offer sneak previews of the first two chapters before you buy too!
If you’re interested, there are links to all these alternative suppliers here: The Prophecies.

Or to see that preview straight away on Barnes & Noble go here!

8 Responses to “Hate Amazon? Love Amazon?”

  1. I like the Book Depository. Will your book be there?. As I am in Australia I would prefer not paying huge postal fees, and the Book depository always give free postage.

    • Thank you Richard. I’ve asked them. Their philosophy looks really good – a nice alternative to Amazon.

  2. I love Amazon but I hate Barnes and Noble. They discount book prices without any consultation, especially in the UK, and Amazon are bound to follow, so if you see your book’s price drop suddenly, that’s why. I find B&N account for no sales at all so refuse to distribute through them. Very good luck with The Prophecies.

    • I like the Book Depository because they have free delivery anywhere in the world. The books are always well packaged and they are pretty quick to deliver. Prices good.

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