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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Gypsies & Wild Women

February 9th, 2012

There are some amazing events planned over the next few months. Here are just two I’ve been told about today. For one I’d have to go in disguise though…

“Gypsies & Traveller Legends, Lore & Enlightenment”

A weekend of songs, dancing, traditions, folklore, plant lore with some of the finest characters and richest carriers of the old knowledge. Workshops, singing, dancing, storytelling & foraging!

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February 2012 beinghuman warehouse, frome, somerset

Curated by Sam Lee, folk singer, song collector, teacher, forager and researcher who has spent many years tracing the musical journeys of the British Traveller and Gypsy community throughout England, Ireland and Scotland. This weekend will be a practical and entertaining exploration of unique repertoires of traditional songs, West Country dancing styles, stories, yarns and the rich vein of knowledge held within this ancient and secretive indigenous community.

The weekend includes screening, concert, workshops, guided walks, and opportunities for not only experiencing some of the riches of this secretive community but also to try out first hand many of the skills, songs and thought provoking gems that have been preserved down the generations. The legendary, rare film ‘Latcho Drom’, archival film and hard to see documentaries will be screened. The group will spend Saturday on a guided walk learning about edible foods, Gypsy foraging and hunting traditions, back at base we will spend our time sharing songs and tales, in the warehouse & outside by the fire or cosy in the yurt by the wood burning stove.

Guests include:

Debs Newbold : Master storyteller. Resident at the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Debs is a much sought after specialist on the folklore of plants and the landscape as well as a world class animateur of theatre and the folk arts.

Thomas McCarthy : One of the greatest discoveries in traditional singing in the last 40 years, Thomas is of Irish Traveller decent and is the carrier of an inherited collection of songs, knowledge and yarns from his rich community.

Ken Langsbury : Gloucestershire storyteller and singer who has gathered many tales and songs from some of the most renowned and long passed Gypsy singers in the West Country.

Lisa Sture : Is a specialist in Devon step dancing and a carrier of many rare local styles learnt in the untamed Gyspy style. She is also highly versed in the shamanic perspective of Romany culture and the deep connection maintained between them and the land. Lisa Also is an acclaimed raw food specialist.

Ed Stevens : One half of the famous wandering minstrels, Ed may possible have walked further within this country than any man in the last 200 years. Ed has gleaned immense knowledge and skills of the natural world from his self sufficient travels where he carried nothing but his song, his wit and his knowledge of the land.

Lucy Kaye : Critically acclaimed documentary film maker, Lucy Kaye has spent years studying some of the outsider communities in the UK, directing several widely broadcast films that tackle the issues within many of the disenfranchised groups within our shores.

Friday night
24.02.12 @ 20.00
Screenings & talks £10

Saturday night
25.02.12 @ 20.00
Acoustic performances & party £15

Saturday & Sunday
24, 25 & 26.02.12 @ 10.00 -17.00
Weekend ticket £100 or £150 with 2 nights shared, local dorm accommodation 24 & 25. Includes entrance to all events

to buy tickets & for more info

And: ‘Walking the Wild Woman’ a Retreat for Women at the fabulous Cae Mabon (see picture in yesterday’s post below). Facilitated by Angharad Wynne who talked to an OBOD Winter Gathering in Glastonbury recently. See their site Return to Centre for details.

7 Responses to “Gypsies & Wild Women”

  1. I love all your stuff, but we like minded folk sometimes feel left out from all the great happenings in your neck of the woods. . . I know I do.

    Would it be possible to use your expertise, knowledge and connections to facilitate/include those of us in the USA in such fabulous types of experience?
    With so many offerings viewed from this end of the spectrum, you might imagine that it’s as if I have my nose pressed to the window, peering in at all the fine happenings going on, and I have no entree.

    I know that’s asking a lot, we being here & you being there, but I feel confident that if there is a will, there is a way!

    I must confess I have a bit of, “sacred site envy” going on. : )

    Please alleviate my discomfort if you are able . . .



    what ever way it ends up, I salute all wild woman everywhere ~
    : )

  2. Dear Phillip, no worries! I did hear about the new website recently, probably on the podcast. Will check it out toot sweet!
    You are correct on the green point. Green is most definitely goooood! It is good on the eyes, on the soul and on the body. In fact, I just added some to my breakfast smoothie in the form of Swiss chard and avocado, yum! I often think as I am washing the greens, how they so lovingly give of their whole selves to nourish we beings. They do set a fine example!
    Now I have gone far afield, oops! : )

  3. Hello lilly! About retreat and worksops for women and events overseas i can tell you that Thea Worthington, the Modron of Obod, is going to do a workshop in Italy next weekend called “the Daughters of Fire” and she has been asked to do in the USA as well!
    Hope this info would be useful for you and your community 🙂

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