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God Predicts Shale Bubble will Burst

August 25th, 2013

God2-Sistine_ChapelFrom the Financial Times:

The oil trader known by rivals as “God” predicts the US shale revolution will only “temporarily” boost production and oil prices will remain high, siding with Saudi Arabia and the Opec cartel in a debate gripping the energy market.

Andy Hall, whose lucrative bets on oil prices earned him a $100m salary at Citigroup in the 2000s, told investors that the rapid decline in output suffered by shale wells is “likely [to] mean that the bounty afforded by shale resources is temporary”.

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One Response to “God Predicts Shale Bubble will Burst”

  1. Phew – that’s a relief. We are gonna continue to live in frozen poverty and bow towards Mecca.

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