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Druid Magazine – Fall Edition

October 6th, 2015

201510_DM_FallAn amazing new magazine was launched earlier this year – Druid: On Being an American Druid. And now the Fall edition has just come out – it’s free, it’s online and in full colour, has embedded video, and this edition is packed – with 97 pages of great contributions from around the world. To read it just go to

4 Responses to “Druid Magazine – Fall Edition”

  1. I was excited when hearing about this until I read their ‘Style-Guide ‘ I felt it was highly restrictive and limiting to worth sharing. Why would I want something I have worked very hard on to be changed by them to fit their needs? I will gladly keep a blog instead where I can share freely. I don’t think understand the idea of individual sovereignty.

    • Just so you know Gabriel, this is a magazine produced by members on their own initiative, and they run it. The official OBOD magazine Touchstone has no style guidelines at all!

      • 🙂 Good to know. I have much to contribute to Touchstone. Poetry, Essays, Art work, etc. Perhaps I will send a small collection and they can choose what they want to publish. Le gach deá ghuí (with every good wish) ~ Gabe / | \

    • Greetings — Druid Magazine does not seek to change anyone’s voice through their submissions, but we believe that having a coherent journalistic style for the magazine enhances authors’ voice because it provides the reader with information in a format that is useful and augments the experience. For example, if something is not clear to us, it might not be clear to the reader. We also do not make any changes without author approval. We invite you to engage with us and see if our journalistic style and experience benefit you and your work. I hope you give it a chance as we are all working in service voluntarily to provide the community with something special. Yours under the Oaks /|\

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