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Clarity at last!

May 1st, 2014

Ever been confused about what the differences really are between the UK, Britain, Great Britain and the British Isles? Ever wondered why you shouldn’t call the Netherlands Holland?

Take a look at these great clips which make it all crystal clear!

6 Responses to “Clarity at last!”

  1. Great fun, and educational for this colonist in Texas. Thanks! ~Twig

  2. Interesting, but: the author forgot the little combined town of Baarle Nassau and Baarle Hertog on the border with Belgium. The borders are so weird there that a litte Dutch enclave lies surrounded by Belgian territory; sorry, but the geek in me couldn’t resist…

  3. I enjoyed this very much, and so I got started watching some others of his, and then began listening to a youtube of his (first) podcast, which is titled “Being Wrong on the Internet”. Well, therein ho talks at great length about all the ways he we was wrong on this video. Kudos to the man for owning all of that in public, I have to say – a lesser man might have crawled under a rock and never have ever put out another video again! Anyway, here’s the link, – he starts discussing this video at ~ 9:50:

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