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Black Elk

Bardik Springs by Elfic Circle

March 10th, 2018

A beautiful double CD album dropped through our letter-box the other day: Bardik Springs by Elfic Circle. I’ve known band member Catherine Dreau ever since the inception of the One Tree Project which has brought together Druids and members of the Dharmic communities for the last 13 years, and the album’s producer, Youth, for even longer. Youth was recently crowned Honorary Bard at OBOD’s Glastonbury Gathering, and he readily agreed to work on the album with Catherine and fellow band members Andrea Seki and Fabrice De Graef. A few years back they held a memorable concert at The White Horse Camp in Wiltshire, and we watched entranced as the band and guest musicians played as a full moon rose majestically over the stage.

Now their album is out – and the One Tree Project’s dream of bringing together East and West is reflected beautifully in this music, with tracks like Breton Vedic Dance, Return to Dana’s Ocean, Voyage to Karnataka, and Bardik Springs.

The music was composed and recorded in India and Kashmir, where, in 2014, Andrea Fabrice and Catherine travelled extensively. It was completed in Brittany and, among others, uses collaborators such as Irish percussionist David Hopkins and the Breton poet Bruno Geneste. The album has been mixed and produced by Youth at Dragonfly studio in London. Youth is a well-known music producer and bassist, a founding member of ‘Killing Joke’ and of ‘The Fireman’ along with Paul McCartney, and a producer of Pink Floyd’s latest album ‘The Endless River‘, as well as many other albums for bands such as The Verve and The Orb.

The first CD in this collection offers a delightful bliss-infused experience: the result of the Elfic Circle’s exploration of Dharmic and Breton Bardic culture. The second disc consists of remixes from Youth and Jamie Grashion, whose seismic reworkings combine elements of dub, electronica, trance, hip hop, flute and percussion. The result? A dazzling journey from the shores of Brittany to the Asian sands of Kashmir.

4 Responses to “Bardik Springs by Elfic Circle”

  1. As ever, thank you.

    Synchronicity – I am off to a Buddhist monastery in Karnataka in 2 weeks time – with 19 sixth form students – get ’em young, I say! Blessings and thank you, John

  2. Thanks a lot Philip for your sacred input in it…I’m happy you like it…and also to Youth !

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