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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Awen 14

December 5th, 2009

It’s as if the ‘ah’ sound of Awen expresses and invokes the sun in your life, while the ‘oo’ sound expresses and calls into you the power of the moon. The ‘en’ sound connects you to the power of the Earth, and Saturn too, as the ruler of endings, completions. The final ‘en’ sound gives you the power to truly manifest your creative power in the world, because without the qualities associated with Saturn you cannot complete a task on earth. To create you have to know when to stop.

2 Responses to “Awen 14”

  1. All the Awen pieces have been lovely – inspiring and beautiful. I think perhaps Saturn also means that we have to accept sometimes that the original vision that inspired us to create – which is a boundless and expansive thing in itself – when we come to physically create it, inevitably narrows. It can be a struggle to accept this sometimes. Coming to terms with the limitations involved in creating can feel tough because the urge to create is such an exciting and energising thing, and all things feel possible at that early stage; I guess it’s why so many things get started but never finished. Poor old Saturn gets such a bad press but his gifts of limitation, structure and good old hard graft are really vital aren’t they? I associate Saturn with gravity; very little would get done without it; gravity shapes us. I find it a magical thing that the weight of gravity even helps to shape and build our muscles, and in doing so enables us to build strength. I think this happens on an inner level too, not just bodily. Saturn brings us the strength and endurance to finish something – not so easy a thing to accept for us Mercurial types! :0)

  2. In Sufi chanting (dhikr), using arabic as the language, the aa sound opens the heart, the oo/uu sound opens the 3rd eye, and they use an ee sound to absorb more baraka/blessings from the lungs. The Book of Awen coming soon Philip…..

    Happy Epona Day on the 18th.

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