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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Aluna and the Black Line Initiative

June 17th, 2015

20876“You know what you’ve done? You’ve sold the clouds.” A Kogi Mama talking about Climate Change

I received a DVD in the post the other day with a note from Sonia, with no return address, asking me to watch the DVD and then to pass it on. Thank you Sonia whoever you are! I watched it – it is called ALUNA – and it is about the Kogi who came to the world’s attention in 1990, when Alan Ereira made a film for the BBC about them and their message to the world. The Kogi were telling us to wake up, grow up and start becoming ecologically responsible. I wrote about them in my book Sacred Places. Aluna is Ereira’s follow-up film released 25 years later. We haven’t changed our ways enough, of course, and the destruction continues, but in this film and the Black Line initiative it has created, the Kogi present an unusual way for us to begin helping the world. This is where it gets esoteric, and the hard-nosed reductionist will find this too far-fetched to stomach, but for those who believe in subtle energies and holistic thinking, it makes a lot of sense. And to Druids, it’s something we’ve been doing for some time: getting to know our local landscape, taking care of it, and working in a sacred way, with magical acts.  If this interests you, have a look at the project site. And to read an example of the specific application of these ideas at the River Brue, near Glastonbury in Somerset, see
this article on the Black Line initiative’s site.

I’m passing the film on tonight…a little line of light linking each person who sees the film and then passes it on.

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