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Albion will not be fracked! Today is the day the Fracking Dream Died

June 29th, 2015

From the Guardian today:

Be in no doubt, it is a seismic decision (that Cuadrilla cannot frack in Lancashire). Nine county councillors have defied the full-throated backing of David Cameron, well over £100m of spending from shale gas firm Cuadrilla and their own planning officers to reject plans for the UK’s first full-scale fracking.

Cuadrilla are near certain to appeal, but the nascent fracking industry in the UK may never recover from this blow. Councillors around the country will feel emboldened to stand up to the intense national pressure to back fracking. In the future, this may well be seen as the day the fracking dream died.

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8 Responses to “Albion will not be fracked! Today is the day the Fracking Dream Died”

  1. I do not live in the UK, but here in the States and everywhere inclusive I breathe a sigh of hope and possibility. And I breathe a silent thanks to those good people who harnessed good sense and courage. May Albion and all of the sweet earth be protected and sanctified forever.

  2. This is the most heartening news I have read for a long time. Cameron’s ‘poll tax’ moment. The people of Britain telling him they don’t want what he is telling them they should want, because he has minimal connection with reality. Blair ignored the 2 million strong march against the invasion of Iraq because the fictitious premise he presented disguised the real reasons for his desire to invade. This shows yet again that our elected leaders are untrustworthy, because they are under the thumb of business and finance and are not responsible to the electorate. Fortunately the electorate is not fooled.

    • Exactly Dirk! No wonder Lord Brown has now left Cuadrilla and the chap who started it (and sold his shares in it) has said there will never be fracking on mainland Britain. They’re ok – they’ve made their money with the fracking game and can move on.

  3. I am avidly against fracking in the UK and we have already suffered one earthquake on the Fylde Coast through fracking trials. I live in Lancashire and can tell you it has been a long, hard battle to get this far by 1,000’s of us lobbying our councillors at every turn. We will not give in, and if they appeal we will fight them to the bitter end. I urge everyone of you to support people all across the UK in their battles to prevent Fracking and help to protect our land, our water, our health and our children – for generations to come. We cannot let greed and profit win the day – this is our Albion!

  4. We will continue to work practically and magically to protect Albion (and the world) from fracking.

  5. It IS wonderful news and was [I sincerely hope] a pivotal decision. There is good reason to celebrate; BUT [there always is one] as many from ALL sides have pointed out, it was just ONE battle and we must remain vigilant.

  6. Brilliant news isn’t it Philip – we are all just delighted here in Stroud.

    Lets just hope we can all put pressure on the government and industry to stop the powers that be overturning the decision as they did here in Gloucestershire over the incinerator that no-one wants.

    Now I would also like to call on all those who think it is a fair cop to object to solar and wind farms to just think what they are doing and STOP IT – what is the alternative solution to energy that they foresee? why is it so awful to have a solar farm in their ‘view’ or a couple of wind turbines nearby?

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