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About Books and Writing

November 21st, 2016

p1010205I was recently interviewed about writing and my books by Damh for the Druidcast podcast episode 116. In the interview I talk about the relationship between writing and the spirits of the departed… and if you feel like exploring the books I mention you can find more info here!


2 Responses to “About Books and Writing”

  1. I really enjoyed that interview, Philip—it was uplifting to hear about your creative process, and to learn more about the way that each of your books has segued into the next.

    I read Nuinn’s The Book of Druidry several years back, but I must confess I hadn’t read any of your own books until this past year. I now have a nicely growing collection of them: What Do Druids Believe?, Druid Mysteries, Journeys of the Soul, The Prophecies, and The Druid Plant Oracle set that you coauthored with Stephanie, plus the audio download of Sacred Nature. They have all been useful to me as sources of meditation topics. I have learned something new from every one of them, and continue to learn from them. The Prophecies recently had me looking up Merkabah mysticism. (And the DruidCast interview itself sent me off seeking more information about James Hillman—I particularly liked this article.)

    So… thank you. May you write many more.

    • Thank you Tracy. That’s really nice to hear! James Hillman’s work is fantastic! Warm wishes, Philip

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