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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

A Relentlessly Demanding Ally

February 9th, 2013

Today saw an extraordinary film ‘Griefwalker’. Trailer below. Very moving. Here is a quote from Stephen Jenkinson who introduced the film and discussed it afterwards. He has the most extraordinary way with words:

If you go far enough down into your personal ancestry and into the old stories of the world you’ll find three thrones of mystery, three places where awe always did and still gathers, even in our post Enlightenment, post Christian, post Holy, Information Idol time. Women, and all things feminine, where life comes into Life, have always been there. The dead have always been there, whispering a story of our lives that we no longer know. And the makers of things have the other throne of mystery, the ones to whom the Holy has always come as a co-conspirator, a relentlessly demanding ally. Stephen Jenkinson

4 Responses to “A Relentlessly Demanding Ally”

  1. Wow. This is someone who has really understood soul midwifery. I would really love to See the rest.

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