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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

A mistake every day…

October 20th, 2007

I made a mistake yesterday in saying that I would comment on Zil’s interesting query about the value of doing something like this. Why do I never learn? It’s the weekend, the sun is shining and it all seems too introspective for a lovely autumn day like this. So instead here is some entertainment – in which an old friend (really old – she’s 90) when asked if she is a saint, replies that she makes a mistake every day so can’t be!

In pasting this in, I actually partially answer Zil’s question. Part of the value in creating a blog, I have discovered, is that it can act like a scrap book, a multi-media album that you can turn to in later years to reminisce. Better than a photo album because you can add movies and sound clips and jottings. And you can’t lose it quite so easily (perhaps!). Takes up no space too! So this clip is to amuse anyone watching, but it is really here so that it can become part of a personal album. I spent nine months or so living in a wonderful crumbling castle in Ireland when I was 18, and it turned out to be one of the most formative periods of my life. An eccentric inhabitant of the castle was Olivia Robertson, who taught me how to meditate in a particular way, and who went on to form The Fellowship of Isis.

I caught up with her this summer and she was as sprightly as ever. She has an infectious wit and such a lively mind you can see the frustration on her face as the interviewer rather ponderously pauses between each question which is delivered in a portentous tone by a man who used to broadcast for ‘telepathic radio’. Now there’s an idea! When Olivia heard how much trouble we go to to send out the druid courses by mail, she said “Why not do what we do, and broadcast the lessons telepathically each month?”

3 Responses to “A mistake every day…”

  1. Super le reportage (je ne comprends pas tout mais)!
    La télépathie : est-ce que l’internet n’est pas une forme de télépathie “matérialisée” (!) ? … et qui nous empêche justement de travailler la télépathie “réelle” !
    Moi je veux bien suivre des cours par télépathie mais pas par Mail!
    – mais des fois on sent des choses et on se dit que c’est notre tête qui déraille, et puis , tiens, le téléphone sonne et c’est la personne à laquelle on pensait, ou bien un Mail … ou un blog!
    arrive et qui parle de ce que l’on croyait une projection mentale… C’est-y ça la télépathie? Mais alors l’Internet aide à “avoir des preuves” qu’elle existe?

  2. Oui il me semble qu’on peut utiliser l’internet pour developper son ESP! Souvent j’ai remarque ce meme phenomene qu’on pense a quelqu’un et puis l’email (ou coup de telephone) arrive…

  3. And two other things about your “mistake every day”:
    – beautiful autuln day : in Brittany : beautiful first winter days! Frost and sun… that was Samhuin with a “druidic moon” at friday afternoon, and now winter here!
    – mistake every day : isn’t it a chinese thought? : To do everything perfect but even in a perfect thing we do, we “have to do” a little mistake to say we are only human, not God-Godess-,… (but before we have to work hard to do things perfect!). L’erreur maitrisée, comme l’hiver qui commence avec un soleil très chaud, le noir dans le blanc, le blanc dans le noir, ce qui empêche toute systématisation et qui permet à la vie de couler : centre de la roue des 8 fêtes qui unit toutes les couleurs, parfaites et imparfaites?

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