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Time for Magic: A Shamanarchist’s Guide to the Wheel of the Year

February 28th, 2024

I am so pleased to be a part of the beautiful book Time for Magic: A Shamanarchist’s Guide to the Wheel of the Year. The publisher Watkins have shared a press release: 

Watkins Publisher Fiona Robertson has acquired the only trade edition of late renowned artist and anarchist Jamie Reid’s work, in which Reid’s radical art images are woven into the structure of the pagan Eightfold Year. The book, entitled Time for Magic: A Shamanarchist’s Guide to the Wheel of the Year, will be released globally by Watkins on 11th June.

Described as “Punk meets Druidry,” the book offers an entrancing overview of Reid’s incredible art, structured around eight seasonal festivals such as Beltaine, Samhain and Summer Solstice, selected by curator Stephen Ellcock (England on Fire, Underworlds, The Cosmic Dance) and introduced in conjunction with Reid’s gallerist and agent John Marchant. It also features notes on observing the seasonal celebrations from former Chief Druid of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids Philip Carr-Gomm.

It is the first trade book of Jamie’s art since Up They Rise, published by Faber in 1987. “Jamie was an honorary Druid and he observed these festivals, holding rituals at his allotment in Liverpool, and focused on this theme in his later paintings,” shares Robertson. “We feel incredibly fortunate to share these key Wheel of the Year artworks in the book, which most people will never have seen before, as well as many of Jamie’s famous earlier pieces, including the agit-prop and Sex Pistols work. It’s an incredible book.”

Ellock comments: “I’ve always believed that Jamie Reid will come to be regarded as one of the most important and influential figures in British culture of the past 50–60 years. People still haven’t really come to terms with his extraordinary body of work or with his legacy. I hope Time for Magic will allow people to see Jamie’s vision and be a sort of visual manifesto for a better world.”

Marchant says: “Although Jamie is now not here to see this wonderful path into the more spiritual side of this most radical of artist’s work, he would have been very proud of this beautiful and bountiful book.”

And Philip Carr-Gomm adds: “Jamie’s colours, symbols and patterns combine with the ideas and suggestions in the descriptions of each festival to spark new connections and hope and wonder in the turning of the seasons.”

You can pre-order your copy here.