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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

The Wheel of Segais

March 21st, 2017

River Goddess – Hatmehit

My lovely friend and OBOD member Pamela Meekings-Stewart has devised a fascinating divination tool which she has named The Wheel of Segais. Many will know Pamela from her work in OBOD and also because of her fabulous Retreat Centre, The Woolshed, which she runs on her farm in Pukerua Bay, New Zealand.

As the name suggests, Pamela’s divination system has drawn inspiration from the Well of Segais, the mythical source of the Sacred River Boyne, where it was said that the Salmon of Wisdom feeds upon the nuts of nine hazels that encircle the pool. It is known as a place of inspiration where wisdom and guidance can be sought and found. Pamela explains,

So what is the Well of Segais? It’s the Otherworld source of the Boyne that some say lies in the navel of the Goddess Bo-Ann. If we make our way to this pool, and dive deep into its waters to find the salmon, we find ourselves diving down into the belly, the womb, of the Goddess Herself. And in doing this we have come to the cauldron which represents the source of rebirth and wisdom. The Well of Segais is a deep pool, surrounded by the Nine Hazels of Inspiration. The Hazel nuts ripen and fall into the pool where the Salmon of Wisdom eats them. She cracks their shells and the empty shells float off, down the many streams that flow from the Well of Segais. It is said that one may never be wise until one has drunk from the Well of Segais.

Pamela reading The Wheel of Segais

Pamela says that The Wheel of Segais came to her in a flash of inspiration,

I awoke one morning and in that magical time between sleeping and waking, all that knowledge and wisdom came together in a beautiful, simple image that I now call The Wheel of Segais or, sometimes, The Wheel of Inevitability!

The wisdom contained within it allows us to perceive all that we are and all that we need as we experience the turning of the wheel of the year – the Four Seasons, the 12 stages, the circles of Past, Present and Future, the ‘Guardian Angels’ who protect the outer circle, and the Well itself in the centre.

The Wheel of Segais

On the 19th April, Pamela will be giving an online demonstration of The Wheel of Segais for Linda Marson’s Global Spiritual StudiesIf you would like to participate in this free online session please click here for further details and how to register.