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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

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Tarot For Grief

October 10th, 2023

Today is World Mental Health Day, so I thought  I would share with you a resource. Many of you will know the wonderful Steve Hounsome for his work with OBOD, and you might also know he is a fabulously gifted Tarot Reader and author. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Steve on a couple of courses: Transformation Through Tarot and The Tarot Chakra JourneySteve is also the creator of the Gamble-Hounsome Tarot ~ The Tarot of Gnosis. 

Tarot can be such a powerful tool for helping us to work through difficult events or periods of struggle in our lives and Steve has written a wonderful book –  Tarot for Grief – born of his own experiences with profound loss, sadness and illness. Following the sudden and tragic death of Steve’s eldest daughter, and his wife’s diagnosis with incurable lung cancer, Steve wanted to share his own personal diary of how Tarot played a vital part in his own grieving process, that it might offer insight into how Tarot can help each of us to navigate through personal losses. Steve explains,

Based on the widely-recognised five stages of Grief – Bargaining, Denial, Anger, Depression and Acceptance – the book shows you how to use the Tarot as a mentor to guide you through your Grief. Each card is explored in the context of Grief with suggested exercises for many.

Written with honesty, sensitivity and compassion, this book is a beautiful and poignant testiment to the human spirit and the therapeutic potential of Tarot, and 50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to MIND, the charity working for better mental health.

You can buy Tarot for Grief here and it can be found in other online stores.

2 Responses to “Tarot For Grief”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of Steve’s terrible news. He must be devastated. Please pass on to him my condolences and hope that his sorrow may genrly lift in time. I will be buying his book which sounds as though I can learn a lot from.

  2. My family and I are deep into a trauma,, one that feels like a knot we cannot untie. It does not involve physical death, instead the utter loss of possibility for a loved one. I am finding Tarot for Grief very helpful. My family and I are desperate for ways to help, to change course, to force outcomes. The struggle seems to never end.

    And then I came upon the 5 of wands, and thought: Maybe we can just stop. Maybe we don’t need to fix anything. Steve’s explanation rang so true to me. I have a copy of this card with me at all times.

    I’m thankful that I found this book.

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