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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Samhain and Sutton Hoo

November 2nd, 2021

In this tea I mention the wonderful Samhain event we attended, organised by The Pear Tree Fund and KindaForestSchool, to foster Compassionate Communities. Do follow these links if they interest you: each project is so worthwhile. Here is a photo taken during the event yesterday, near Halesworth in Suffolk:

In the Tea I also mention the film about Sutton Hoo, called The Dig:

When we visited Sutton Hoo on Saturday, I took these photos:

The King’s Burial Chamber at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

The recently opened viewing tower at Sutton Hoo

From the viewing tower, Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

In the Tea, I read out Adam Harley’s beautiful blessing:
Look, the leaves are falling
and bit by bit
all your hard work is turning to compost for this new and fragile 
Garden of Eden.
May we guard it with all our hesitant might.
May it never again fall into disrepair.
Listen, all around you the silence is calling the world back into itself.
The Earth is echoing with the voices of all those dear ones you thought you had no choice but to abandon 
to memory
and ashes
and dust.
But now you hear them whisper: 
We never really left
You’ll find us where we’ve always been
We love you now with an even fiercer light than before.
Adam Harley