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Improve your Polish

October 16th, 2007

Kevin Redpath, a friend who is a film-maker and who has just set up his own business advising companies on online video delivery, tells me that soon we will be seeing high quality videos delivered with no delay to our screens, and this will of course increase the demise of normal television as increasingly we can choose what we want to watch and when.

As I was researching the Sacred Places book, which will be published next April, I discovered I could visit virtually every site I was writing about via youtube and google video. Many of these clips were just home movie style, but some were outstanding.

If you have an hour to spare, make a cup of tea and watch this. It’s got Robert Redford reading the commentary and is about Chaco Canyon in the US which has the most extraordinary ancient solstice and equinox calculator. If Kevin is right one day soon we’ll be able to watch a crystal clear version of this. For the moment we have to make do with some blur. But at least we can brush up on our Polish while we watch…(If you want to see it full-screen you can at search for The Mystery of Chaco Canyon).