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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Geographical Romance, Falling in Love & the Key to Successful Meditation

September 1st, 2020

3 Responses to “Geographical Romance, Falling in Love & the Key to Successful Meditation”

  1. Greetings Philip. Thanks for the delightfully fun & interesting “Tea.” I even had a few ‘LOL moments.’ Yes, I can see the similarities discussed. 🙂 Although I was raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains; on my first visit to Hawaii, I fell in Love with the amazing landscape & Ocean experience. I thought of staying, but decided to go back home to finish college. My next Ocean experience was Santa Cruz, CA, & I had already fallen in love with it, before moving there. Since my “teens,” I had heard experiences & stories about the beauty, culture, Faery Land, music, etc, & felt drawn to move there.

    I lived there during much of my adulthood. My OBOD Bardic initiation took place in the Santa Cruz Mountains (in my favorite Redwood forest). That & connections with friends, & musical, spiritual, Faery, ocean, & forest experiences deepened my love for that place. Some things changed through the years that made it less desireable in certain ways. While living in the Mount Shasta, CA area, I have explored places in southern Oregon that have the ocean & Redwood forests & may actually be a better place to live than Santa Cruz. Still, like the loss of a beloved friend, I grieved the loss of my Favorite Redwood Forests, during the recent S.C. mountain fires. I hadn’t been back for many years, but the memories, people & things I loved about it still have a place in my heart.

    I do love the whole Earth & can appreciate a variety of landscapes. I tend to be most drawn to Live in places with both the Ocean & Forests (perhaps my Leo Sun/Cancer Moon). Even though I haven’t physically been to England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland, I feel drawn to those places & have felt a longing to be there, especially when hearing music, seeing photos/movies, & hearing tales of those Lands. The ‘connection’ is in my DNA (and also past lives). I have Stonehenge on my computer screen saver & long to be there & Glastonbury someday. Brightest of Blessings /|\

    • What a lovely place to feel connected to! I stayed for a while in Carmel and explored the area, which has such an interesting history too…then further North – I wonder if you know the story of the Dunites?
      Many blessings to you!
      Philip /|\

  2. Thanks so much Philip! 🙂 I hadn’t heard of the “Dunites.” I enjoyed the little history video & story about Elwood Decker. My mother used to talk about her visit to San Louis Obispo (but not about Dunites). I Love Carmel! The dear friend that introduced me to OBOD had a home in Carmel. For many years, my favorite drive has been Coast highway 101, from San Francisco to Big Sir (with a long stop in Carmel). I just discovered beautiful Southern Oregon 101 & I love it too!

    When I first moved to Santa Cruz, my past beloved Mentor (Fred Adams-Feraferia) told me of the vortex just off the coast @ Natural Bridges. He was a geomancer/astrologer/seer, & had much knowledge about “Califia.” (Feraferians call California, “Califia,” after the Amazon Queen that California is named after). Mt. Shasta has been another interesting, powerful place to explore. Brightest of Blessings to You! /|\

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