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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

9th June – Self-Knowledge, Global Responsibility

May 9th, 2012

Many years ago I heard Scilla Elworthy speak at a Psychosynthesis Conference and was very moved by the way in which she combined a deep spiritual awareness while working in one of the most difficult arenas: military conflict resolution. Since then she has published a number of books, including Power and Sex: Developing Inner Strength to Deal with the World

If you have the chance, come to a workshop she’s giving in Lewes in June. We have our big summer gathering in Glastonbury, so unfortunately I can’t come, but today the gathering sold out…so if you were hoping to spend a weekend in Glastonbury and now can’t, spend a weekend in Lewes instead!

Here’s Scilla talking at a TEDex event so you can see and hear how she moves between working with inner states and difficult (and dangerous) situations in a way that is both practical and profound.

For more info go to:

2 Responses to “9th June – Self-Knowledge, Global Responsibility”

  1. The only knowledge that we need is the knowledge that we have absolutely no control over life and death. God/Great spirit/ Awen/Holy spirit have it all. And I defy anyone to prove otherwise. I have no intellectual arguments here, just the pain of looking into a young girls’s eyes everyday as her mother batttles with cancer, and she fights her own disease and I pray to God that there is a merciful end to this suffering because my shoulders aint that broad. And Irish/Scots Gaelic, Pagan/Christian, Muslim/Buddhist and so on and so on is so utterly childish as are witches and supposedly powers and rituals. The only ritual that is needed is one of good intent when you wash your face in the morning. The rest is bollocks unless you can pray for someone else.

  2. Peace is the way forward. Dialogue and by dialogue, I do not mean one party suppressing and patronising the other, but a mutual exchange of respect. My Ancestors, my people, my bloodline, it seems we get the shitty end of the stick. But violence never solves anything,it just causes damage and heartache to the innocent, and creates anger and hatred, negative emotions, there is no way forward in a cycle of violence. Suppressing a people, suppressing a person is always wrong, freedom of speech and all that. Open dialogue and mutual respect for all is not much to ask for in this day and age.

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