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Haiti – How You Can Help

October 12th, 2016
Photo: Le Nouvelliste. From

Photo: Le Nouvelliste. From

I’ve just heard from friends in Haiti who run a micro-charity – a fantastic relief effort that saves lives and also works to improve the environment. I got to know Sean and Mousson, who spearhead the work, forty years ago when I lived out there for a while. The people of Haiti are the warmest, loveliest people ever and they have suffered so much. Here’s their news:

We need your help after Hurricane Matthew has devastated Southern Haiti. The
hurricane assaulted the southern peninsula of Haiti with deadly fury on Tuesday, destroying tens of thousands of homes as tin roofs were ripped off by the 145 mph winds. Precious crops were flattened and destroyed by torrential rainfall and there was widespread damage from flash floods with loss of livestock and destruction of the already vulnerable infrastructure.

In the short-term, hundreds are dead, and thousands upon thousand of people are without shelter, they are hungry and have lost nearly all their meager belongings.
In the midterm, harvests were destroyed and there will be no food in the foreseeable future. Fruit trees that provided food and income, are broken and leafless, and will take years to grow back…

Following the unimaginably widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew we are asking all our friends to please help and donate to a fund that will be used directly and exclusive to bring immediate relief to the thousands who are homeless and in need of immediate help.

With your help, as a local NGO we can offer directly to those most in need food, clothing and basic necessities, materials to rebuild broken homes, shelter for those in immediate need, seeds for farmers who have lost their crops, and whatever else is required to rebuilt the devasted communities.

When a crisis hits, I prefer to donate money to a micro-charity rather than those big ones like the Red Cross, whose overheads are so high – expensive offices, directors’ salaries and so on. All the money ORE gets goes straight into helping address the suffering. Do please see if you can donate an amount, however small, by clicking here and scrolling down the page to the Paypal buttons:

Photo: Le Nouvelliste. From:

Photo: Le Nouvelliste. From: