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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


Why pick up a book on Druidism?

Published by Philip Carr-Gomm

Why pick up a book on Druidism? How strange it might seem to be interested in such an ancient tradition in a twenty-first century world, and yet thousands of people every year read books on Druidism, or go online to browse the websites of the many Druid groups that now exist.

Why is this? Are they trying to escape the modern world and retreat into fantasies about the past?  This may be the case for some, but my experience over the last twenty-five years shows me that the majority of people who turn to Druidry today do so because they are concerned about the future, and they are following a deep intuition that it is in the roots of their spiritual and cultural heritage that they will find the answer to life’s problems. And so a movement apparently backwards is in reality a movement forward.

Just as a salmon swims and jumps upstream, going against the current to return to the spawning grounds of its birth, so perhaps we too need to swim against the current to return again to the sources of our spiritual history. And just as a new generation of salmon are born each year in these spawning grounds, so perhaps we too might find some form of rebirth in such a quest.