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Zik’r Rocks – Sufi Flamenco Fusion Music

November 22nd, 2014
Karen Ruimy performing at the Union Chapel last night in 'Zik'r'

Karen Ruimy performing at the Union Chapel last night in ‘Zik’r’

Last night Stephanie and I were whirled into another dimension from a location in London’s Islington, spun around, and deposited back on Victoria’s Platform 15 just in time for the last train to the south coast.

The lift-off location was the utterly extraordinary Union Chapel – a sort of Santa Sophia in trendy north London.

The rocket fuel was a new musical phenomenon: Sufi Flamenco –  song, music and dance woven together to create a magic carpet made from strands of inspiration from Rajasthan, from the Romanies, from the Whirling Dervishes, from North Africa and Spain and the strutting of Flamenco and even the insistent beats of the Ibiza rock scene.

Who has been insane/creative enough to think of this, put it together, and actually perform it? Spiritual author, song-writer and Flamenco dancer Karen Ruimy and Youth – the Producer of Pink Floyd’s latest album and band member of Killing Joke. Youth & Karen have gathered together a group of amazing dancers, singers and musicians, so that last night we were entranced by 12 of them.

What a night! In this clip Youth & Karen speak about the ideas behind the project and you get to see some of the incredible dancing and hear the amazing music:

3 Responses to “Zik’r Rocks – Sufi Flamenco Fusion Music”

  1. The musical journey from Rajasthan to Spain already beautifully documented 20 years ago by Tony Gatlif in my favourite film ‘Latcho Drom’.

  2. Fantastic! You should also check out the group Janoon, they are a Rock/Qawalli fusion. Qawalli is Indian sufi.

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