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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Working with the Sacred Plants of the Druid Tradition

October 6th, 2014

Just back from a great day at The Plant Consciousness Conference at Regent’s University in London. Here is a summary of my presentation with material added that I didn’t have time to include on the day.

What a stimulating day of talks we’ve had so far! I’d like to weave together some of the themes suggested by the previous speakers, so we can trace the threads that connect our presentations, which will make what I am about to say another piece of the mandala we have been building today.

Sir Julian Rose and John Perkins both spoke of our relationship with plants with an emphasis on activism – on what specific acts we can take to protect and preserve the biosphere. Julian focused on the soil and on our food, and our responsibilities towards these for our own health and the health of the planet. John talked about the way plants can heal us at a level of consciousness and of how we can influence policy-makers and corporations, because the people who run them also have grandchildren, and care about the future. From there we moved to Simon Powell’s presentation of the inherent intelligence of Nature which he convincingly argued is not recognised by science. The driving force of evolution is still considered to be without consciousness (‘blind’, as in Richard Dawkin’s book title ‘The Blind Watchmaker’) whereas Simon sees intelligence everywhere, and gave plenty of examples. Simon’s conception should not be confused with the idea of ‘Intelligent Design’ used by Creationists – his view does not necessitate the existence of an outside force guiding this intelligence. See his amazing film ‘Metanoia’ here.

After Simon, we had Tigrilla demonstrating the extraordinary research of the Damanhur Federation on plants’ ability to communicate. About ten potted plants were wired up on the stage and they sang to us. An amazing effect, that Tigrilla explained with reference to 40 years of research at Damanhur.

Then we had Pam Montgomery, who works with Plant Spirit Healing, who talked about our symbiotic relationship with plants.

So, looking at these presentations we can see how an appreciation of plants as living Beings, living Spirits, who give us life, who are magnanimous, is vital if we are then to communicate more effectively with them, to hear their music, their messages for us, so that we can recognize the inherent intelligence in Nature, and cooperate with it, rather than working against it, out of the ignorance and greed that has created the political and social problems we face today, which require the activism Julian and John urged us towards.

The bit I’d like to contribute is the way in which a spiritual practice rooted in Nature can be of  value – to resource us in activism, which can so easily engender despair and burn-out without spirituality; and to give us a means of more effectively being in communication with Nature and the resultant healing and deepening of awareness that this can produce. To read more, see the full text here.

2 Responses to “Working with the Sacred Plants of the Druid Tradition”

  1. I love your idea of plant spirit healing as an ally for activists who may experience stress or burnout. I practice flower reading and healing for similar reasons. And of course, I love the Druid Plant Oracle! Thanks for sharing your remarks.

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