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Black Elk

Will Worthington and Atlanta Roots

April 11th, 2010

Question: What does the the talented Will Worthington, illustrator of The Druidcraft Tarot, and The Druid Plant and Animal Oracles, get up to when he’s not wielding his paint brush?

Answer: For over twenty years, Will has been playing in a band called Atlanta Roots, described as ‘one of the hardest working groups in the Northwest’. Twenty (and more) years of continuous gigging. Not bad eh? (Will is the bearded bloke on the right. He wrote the song they’re playing).

One Response to “Will Worthington and Atlanta Roots”

  1. That was a great song. It is 11:00 pm, April 12, 2010. Tempe Az. USA. I could relate to the words and the feel. I have never seen Will before, just his art. So that was cool.

    M Baker

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